Admissions (ages 13-18)

Millfield is an academically selective school. Selection is based upon academic merit, which is assessed through entry tests, interview and by references from the candidate's current school. Our selection process is designed to identify students who are able to benefit from a well-rounded and balanced education and make a positive contribution towards the life of the school. Millfield is the largest co-ed boarding and day school in the UK with 1250 students, 950 of which are full boarders. However, our class sizes are small, with an average of just 11 students.

13+ and 14+ Entry

Our largest intake for students is at 13+ into Year 9 when we welcome 200 new children to the school. There are also spaces for about 40 students per year to join our Year 10.

Our Year 9 programme, 'Nine at Millfield', has been specifically designed to meet the academic and developmental needs of 13-14 year olds, to ensure they make the successful transition from a prep or junior school to the next stage of their schooling at Millfield.

15+ Entry

A small number of students, both boys and girls, join us at the start of Year 10. We also offer a one-year GCSE programme for a limited number of international and UK boarding girls and boys, aged 15 or 16, who wish to complete up to eight GCSE examinations in one year. For more information please see the One Year GCSE leaflet or contact our Admissions team.


At Lower Sixth level we admit around 130 new students each year. We have a very wide range of academic subjects available for study at Sixth Form, with small class sizes and expert careers and higher education advice.

UKiset Assessment for International Students

Millfield uses UKiset as part of our assessment of students based overseas. 




Millfield has been closely monitoring information released from the UK Government to establish how Brexit might affect prospective students who live overseas. This information provides a practical interpretation of the UK Government’s current immigration proposals and is based upon the Boarding Schools’ Association Autumn Briefing (September 2019) and information on the Gov.UK website.

The information is accurate at time of writing (3 February 2020) and will be updated should there be a change in political circumstances or UK Government policy. For more information please read Advice for Prospective Millfield Students.

A Brexit deal has been agreed in principle and the UK and EU have signed the withdrawal agreement. There is a transition period to negotiate new arrangements and prepare for the new rules which will take place on 1 January 2021.