Admissions (ages 7-13)

Entry to Millfield Prep is possible into all year groups, with the largest intake at Year 7. We will consider entry in January and April, as well as in September.

If you would like to consider a place at Millfield Prep School for your child, the first thing to do is to come and visit us. We would be delighted to give you a tour of the school and if you think your child would enjoy Millfield, you can formally apply for a place by completing the Registration Form.

We will then request a reference from your current school and on receipt of a satisfactory report invite you to bring your child for interview and assessment. If they would like to spend the day with us, they would be most welcome. We would then formally offer a place and the return of the Acceptance Form and Fee completes the entry procedure.

You may, of course, enter your child for future years but we would not normally complete the paperwork until the year preceding admission. Most children transfer to Millfield, subject to a satisfactory final report from the Headmistress.



Millfield has been closely monitoring information released from the UK Government to establish how Brexit might affect prospective students who live overseas. This information provides a practical interpretation of the UK Government’s current immigration proposals and is based upon the Boarding Schools’ Association Autumn Briefing (September 2019) and information on the Gov.UK website.

The information is accurate at time of writing (3 February 2020) and will be updated should there be a change in political circumstances or UK Government policy. For more information please read Advice for Prospective Millfield Pupils

A Brexit deal has been agreed in principle and the UK and EU have signed the withdrawal agreement. There is a transition period to negotiate new arrangements and prepare for the new rules which will take place on 1 January 2021.

The Importance of Prep Schools

As the eponymous name suggests, prep schools prepare pupils for senior school, with the resources to enable each child to be treated as an individual. At Millfield Prep School we help our children to discover their own brilliance, whatever that may be. Here are 10 things that reflect the importance of a prep school education...

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Benefits of Drama for Young People

Every pupil at Millfield Prep School has the opportunity to benefit from both weekly Drama classes and highly-anticipated whole-year productions. We find that these classes help not only those who wish to better their acting skills or perform on stage, but that the benefits of these lessons extend far beyond the drama studio. We asked Drama teacher, Miss Amy Chatwin, all about the benefits that drama classes and performance opportunities bring to our pupils.

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What is Special About Swimming at Millfield Prep School?

Swimming at Millfield Prep School is completely unique. Lead by ex-Olympic Swimmer and former Millfield pupil, Helen Gouldby, the programme focusses on the individual development of each child. With world-class facilities at their fingertips, including a 25m pool on site and Olympic-sized 50m pool at Millfield School, daily swim training available, flexi-boarding to suit early morning training sessions and timetables tailored to each individual child, there could be no better place prepared to discover and nurture the brilliance in future swimmers.

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