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I am adamant that the Millfield Prep School experience is exceptional and provides our children with a vast array of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Pastoral care and nurturing is high on our agenda and we very much encourage children to be kind, considerate and mindful of the needs of others. We believe that when children feel happy and supported they can grow in self esteem and confidence
and then the sky is the limit.

Our strength has always been based around the belief that every child is an individual and our school aims to put the child at the heart of everything it does.


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Double Olympic gold medallist James Guy re-opens Millfield Prep swimming pool

Double Olympic gold medallist James Guy visited Millfield Prep School today to reopen his childhood swimming pool and inspire the next generation of swimmers following in his footsteps. James’ swimming career flourished at Millfield Prep when he joined the school in Year 8, in 2008, followed by five years at Millfield.