Millfield Scholarship Form for 13+


This scholarship form should be completed after you have registered online.

Please note that candidates may apply for more than one scholarship however the total scholarship concession will total no more than 10% as a maximum. Parents can apply to have the scholarship augmented by a bursary, subject to a means test. Bursaries take the form of a fee reduction (of up to 100% in exceptional circumstances) to a level dependent on the parents’ financial resources. All awards are subject to the school’s ability to fund them within the context of its overall budget, and therefore levels cannot be guaranteed. Bursary forms must be submitted before scholarship assessment.


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Academic Scholarship

If you wish to apply for an Academic Scholarship please tick below:

Co-curricular and Sports Scholarships

Applicants for Year 9 may apply for either:

  • TWO Co-curricular Scholarships


  • ONE Co-curricular Scholarship and a Sports Scholarship


  • A Sports Scholarship

Co-curricular Scholarships

If you wish to apply for a Co-curricular Scholarship please choose ONE or TWO areas for assessment:

Sports Scholarships

If you wish to apply for a Sports Scholarship please choose TWO areas for assessment:

Applications will be considered in the order they are received, subject to a place still being available, and candidates will be sent an invitation to attend the relevant assessment day(s).

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