Year 10 (joined Millfield Prep School in Year 5)

I began to try new things in Year 5, it really helped me to discover what I enjoy. Since then I have made it my mission to continue all the activities and subjects I love with the goal to improve my skills and performance level, whether it is in the classroom or in sport. Millfield enables me to balance my academic and sporting aspirations and enjoy them both without being overwhelmed.

There is always something to look forward to.

In addition to the core GCSEs I am studying Spanish, economics and history, with a view to taking economics, chemistry and psychology at A level. Although it is still early to make a  final decision my aspiration is to go to an American University to study a degree in law or politics. To further my study and widen my knowledge I take part in House Debating. This year I was selected to join four other Mill students to represent house in the debating final, with the motion “This house believes lockdown will be worth it”.  I am delighted to say our team preparation and debate led us to victory.


I love sport, being active and pushing myself to become better.


All of the coaching staff are always really supportive and look out for you as well as making sure you push yourself to make you your very best. I am also influenced by Andre Agassi as I think he is a fantastic role model both as a former world No. 1 tennis player and Grand Slam champion while also being the founder of the Andre Agassi charitable foundation for at risk children. The training and support at Millfield has been excellent, to date my highlights include competing at the Aegon team tennis nationals and the IAPS hockey nationals, as well as joining the hockey tour in Amsterdam.


Calum tennis

Calum with fellow Millfield tennis players at the Teams Tennis Schools Year 7&8 and 9&10 National Finals 2019.


Millfield enables me to balance my academic goals with my sporting aspirations and enjoy both of them without being overwhelmed.

Calum - Year 10

Calum House debating

Calum, one of four students, representing Mill House in the remote House Debating Final in May 2020.