Upper Sixth (joined in Year 11)

I chose Millfield for a variety of reasons; the school would allow me to be surrounded by an amazing support system of teachers and sports coaches, I would be able to balance my sports and academics whilst still having time to myself, and the incredible range of the sports facilities would allow me to perform at the highest level every time I step out onto the rugby pitch. 

The international community is what makes Millfield stand out. Whilst being here I’ve met so many people of varying backgrounds and different nationalities who have experienced so many different things.

The endless number of varying activities available at your fingertips is something that I have found unmatched at any other school I’ve attended. My favourite thing about Millfield is the high-class sports facilities and the amazing opportunities everyone is offered here.

Every training session, I’m encouraged to perform at my best and the coaches strive to make sure you are a better player than you were last week.

Whilst I have been here, I have always been in a position to try something new or to meet new people. As a boarder, I have been able to create close friendships with the people in my house that I will keep for life. Even though boarding can be rather intense, everyone is so understanding of each other as they may be experiencing the same emotions as you are. 

Every student has the opportunity to develop themselves in all aspects of school life and the school makes it very easy for us to organise ourselves so we can enjoy ourselves and achieve our personal goals.

I am part of the Girls Rugby 7’s team and have been given opportunities to play for Somerset RFU which has allowed me to develop my skillset to a higher standard and which has ultimately made me into a better player.

I really enjoy playing rugby due to the positive atmosphere at training and the way everyone is always looking out for each other.

Being a part of the team means that I have been able to form great friendships with such a talented group of people. I am also a part of the development football team which allows me to have fun with my friends during rugby off-season.

If you are considering joining Millfield, you should go for it! I joined in Year 11 and I was admittedly nervous at first because even though I had been to a boarding school before, I wasn’t going to be as close to home but the support system I have found allowed me to find my feet and settle in much faster than I originally anticipated. The school's environment has encouraged me to grow as a person whilst still staying true to myself. 

After Millfield I am hoping to get a scholarship to the USA so that I can play rugby at university.

"Due to boarding, I have been able to create close friendships with the people in my house that I will keep for life."

Charlotte - Upper Sixth