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Giving to Millfield

Millfield has a long tradition of philanthropy, dating back to the founding of the school. The school is rightly very proud of the Millfield Mix, which has always been a defining feature of Millfield. Our aim is to offer more assisted places so that a greater number of children can experience a Millfield education. 

The Millfield Foundation is a Charity which manages funds for bursaries at Millfield. There are lots of ways to get involved and we are grateful to the incredible support that the Millfield Community has shown in a wide range of projects. One of the best ways to support Millfield long-term is to set up a regular direct debit. Small monthly amounts quickly build up to substantial figures. Follow the links on here to explore further or please get in touch.

Please see below examples of ongoing projects that you can support. If you wish to discuss these, or other ways that you might be able to get involved with the Foundation, please contact the team below.

Millfield Foundation Team

House Funds

We are raising funds for students to attend Millfield and join one of our boarding houses. Currently we are running a campaign to establish a Holmcroft House Scholarship Fund for a student to be part of Holmcroft House.

The RJOM Scholarship

The RJOM (Rollo John Oliver Meyer) is a special award, set up in tribute to Millfield's founder 'Boss' Meyer at his funeral (15 March 1905 – 9 March 1991). Its purpose is to provide scholarships for the children and grandchildren of Old Millfieldians to study at Millfield.

Watch the BBC documentary below called 'At A Time Like This' to see a snapshot of what Millfield was like in 1967 when Boss Meyer was Headmaster.

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Millfield Upper Sixth student Yuka Machino was the highest placed female competitor in the world at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), held online this September.  She was the only female to win a gold medal and was placed 22nd out of 616 competitors, each one the very best from their country.

Senior Music Open Musicians' Platform Millfield

Millfield’s first evening concert in the Johnson Hall brought us The Open Musicians’ Platform to kick start the academic year. This concert is made for our intermediate students, between grades four to seven where we saw a great range of repertoire from various genres and instrumentation take stage, as well as some students performing for the first time in front of a socially distanced audience, as well as viewers at home via the live stream on Millfield’s Senior School YouTube Channel.