Since 1935 Millfield has been a global community founded on the ethos of philanthropy and discovering the brilliance in every child. Boss Meyer founded the school, with a clear vision to provide support to students with limited financial means, irrespective of where in the world they lived. He persuaded those that could, to help those less well off.

The school’s bursary provision remains guided by this principle enabling talented children irrespective of their background or means to access a Millfield education. The extraordinary diversity of Millfield students is one of the school’s defining characteristics and a major influence on the educational experience. This has only been possible as Millfield has awarded many scholarships (ability related) and bursaries (needs related) since its founding. This has allowed the school to manage the breadth and talent of the global student community, which has been fundamental in forming our DNA. Many take the view that the Millfield Mix is the very reason for the success of the school and the success of our global OM community.

We often receive applications from talented and ambitious children with enormous potential who would flourish at Millfield, but we are unable to offer them places as they require greater financial support than our finances allow. It follows that if we cannot admit more of these outstanding students then Millfield is not fulfilling its potential as a global leader in education and driving force for social mobility. Transformational Bursaries provide a direct mechanism for social mobility with lifelong impact, with the benefits going far beyond the individuals, to the whole Millfield Community and wider society.

Thank You to Our Donors

House Funds

We are raising funds for students to attend Millfield and join one of our Boarding Houses. Currently, we are running a campaign to establish a Holmcroft House Scholarship Fund for a student to be part of Holmcroft House. 

The RJOM Scholarship Fund

The RJOM (Rollo John Oliver Meyer) is a special award, set up in tribute to Millfield's founder, 'Boss' Meyer, at his funeral (15 March 1905 – 9 March 1991). Its purpose is to provide scholarships for the children and grandchildren of Old Millfieldians to study at Millfield.

After many years of support from Old Millfieldians, we were delighted to award the first RJOM Scholarship to a Sixth Form pupil in September 2019, the daughter of an OM:

"I am currently studying maths, economics and psychology, whilst doing an EPQ. I have also just begun the process of applying to Oxbridge. Since being at Millfield, my teamwork and sociability skills have improved vastly due to the highly immersive and accepting culture. My father also attended Millfield for Sixth Form, so I feel honoured to be able to follow his legacy and be a part of this community. I would not have had the chance to attend Millfield if it wasn't for your generous donations."


Please note that funds donated towards The Sir Gareth Edwards Scholarship Fund, The Johnson Scholarship Fund, House Scholarship Funds and The RJOM Scholarship Fund will be transferred to the Millfield Foundation (Charity No. 1121630).

Hear from our Scholarship Students

“The individualised teaching at Millfield has allowed me to study what is best for me in Maths lessons.”

Yuhka - Lower Sixth

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