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The Millfield Memories Project

We absolutely love hearing memories and stories from OMs about their time at Millfield. We are currently in the process of collating memories to have on our website for the Millfield community to enjoy!

Since Millfield was founded in 1935, we have been providing individuals with fond memories, which withstand the passing of time. We are asking members of the Millfield community to share their memories and stories with us, to show future generations where we have come from and to keep our history alive for them to build on.

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A message from the President of the OM Society, John Davies

President John Davies


It is said that your schooldays are your happiest days and we very much hope this is the case for your time at Millfield. After all, it’s at school that you probably made your first and best friends, and maybe even met your partners (we’ve had quite a few Millfield weddings!) Many Old Millfieldians will certainly remain in touch with old school friends to talk about life’s experiences, their families and their days at Millfield.

Relationships are critically important, at school and beyond, and we wish to encourage this via the OM Society. Indeed, we support a large and vibrant community of former pupils in the UK, and all over the world, in lots of ways, with various reunion events and via social media.

We are now planning a Millfield Memories project to give you the opportunity to let us have your memories, stories and photographs from your days at Millfield, which we can make available via social media and on our website, for your contemporaries and the Millfield community to see and share.

You have the memories! You have the photographs! You have the stories! Please do share them with us here.

We look forward to fascinating anecdotes, which will be of great interest to your many contemporaries, who’ll be encouraged to write about their own experiences at Millfield.

Yours sincerely,

John Davies

John Davies Signature