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The OM of the Year Award was instituted in 2000 to celebrate the achievements of OMs in a wide range of fields in the UK and worldwide.

Our list of OMs of the Year is long and impressive. We have honoured OMs across a wide range of professions and achievements, including authors, international sportsmen and Olympic champions, media personalities, West End theatre and film directors, gardeners, musicians, national and industrial leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, pioneering doctors and charity and humanitarian workers, from all over the world. 

Our annual OM of the Year ceremony is an event that we look forward to as an opportunity to congratulate the successes of our wonderful alumni.

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Our OM of the Year ceremony for 2020 and 2021 will be held on Saturday 13 November 2021, so please do save the date if you would be interested in attending.

More information will be coming soon but, if you have any questions, please email them to us here.


OM of the Year Save the Date
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"The 'Old Millfieldian of the Year' Award acknowledges and rewards OM excellence of achievement. To be selected as OM of the Year is a colossal accomplishment and we offer all winners our great congratulations."

John Davies - OM Society President

"We have had some incredible winners over the years. Congratulations to all of the OM of the Year Award winners for their countless contributions to society over the last twenty years and before."

Gavin Horgan - Millfield Headmaster


Notable Alumni

Notable Alumni

We also have a page dedicated to our Notable Alumni, many of which have also been OMs of the Year. 

Find out more about our Notable Alumni