Year 5 (joined in Year 4)

Drama taught me how to pay attention to punctuation and pronunciation. I am not only an actor, but also enjoy stage support, setting-up props, working the curtains and will take the opportunity to learn more about lighting and sound. I attended the December Holiday Pantomime course at Millfield, which was a lot of fun. I enjoyed building the props and playing the role of Mower 3 in The Gingerbread Boy.

Being part of the Brass and Wind Ensemble and Orchestra is very excitingIt’s been a brilliant year and my favourite class is Maths. Mr Dyke makes new maths topics a lot of fun and shows us how we can use maths in real life. Mrs Gunner also really supported and helped me to improve my Maths.

Learning Development Centre sessions have helped me to focus and listen. LDC is always fun and never negative and everybody wants to join in. It also helped me a lot with my spelling & grammar. Oh and do not forget Latin! Mrs Velasco makes it very interesting. We have learnt so much about Greek Mythology, the Romans and Anglo Saxons...and she is also my table tennis coach!

The Learning Development Centre is always fun and everybody wants to join inBeing part of the Brass and Wind Ensemble and Orchestra is very exciting, playing the trombone. In Junior Choir we always learn new songs and Kusimama is my favourite.

My favourite sport is rugby, the rugby term is just too short! Table tennis is also fantastic. Fencing, laser shooting and swimming comes in third. Hockey is also a lot of fun, when it is not raining. I enjoyed riding, until recently when I fell off of the horse, but have already been back riding and jumping is the best!

Learning Development Centre sessions have helped me to focus and listen

Hunter - Year 5

Hunter performing in the Junior Production

Singing in the Spring Concert