Staff Professional Development

Millfield is a centre for learning for adults as well as children. We have in-house staff development programmes to continuously develop and support staff to reach their potential in their chosen career path. In an ever-evolving world, at an ever-increasing pace, we strongly believe in life-long learning for all, both adults as well as students.  With this ethos, we are equipped to adapt to changing working environments with innovative education working practices. Added to this our immense pool of industry experts across the academic and sporting spheres, pass on their knowledge and learning to colleagues starting out on their careers.

Here’s a flavour of our in-house development programmes for staff:

Millfield's Team Leader Development Programme (Support Staff)

Our modular development programme, spread over 4-5 months, provides our existing team leaders and aspiring team leaders with an opportunity to explore the concept of leadership and their role in creating a performance culture.  

The programme focuses on a coaching style of leadership to maximise the performance of team members.  Through facilitated events, participants explore best practice, share experiences at work, practice their skills and receive individual coaching sessions supported by 360° feedback.  Each module uncovers practical tools and techniques that participants can put into practice every day in the workplace.

Millfield Middle Leadership Development Programme – (Teaching Staff)

Aims to develop middle leaders of the highest quality for the future of Millfield. We want aspiring middle leaders, in both the pastoral and academic disciplines, to gain a firm understanding of the middle leadership role and its centrality to student development and achievement. We encourage our emerging middle leaders to be open to ideas, to understand and challenge current practice and to reflect on their learning.

Aspiring middle leaders (teachers who are early in their experience of middle leadership with a strong aspiration for themselves, their students, and the school), follow either an academic or pastoral pathway on the programme, topped and tailed by a core module.

Core modules: School Culture and Vision.  Managing Change and Leading from the Front.

Academic Pathway modules: Teaching and Classroom practice. Student Learning. Assessment, tracking and feedback. The art of management and administration.

Pastoral Pathway modules: Ethos. Compliance and Management. Communications. Mental Health and wellbeing.

Sports Coaching

We offer funding and support for the development of coaches in their chosen sport through qualifications, in-house sessions, external coaching events and webinars from specialist coaches. For example, Malcolm Brown, coach to the highly decorated triathlete Brownlee brothers, recently led an insightful in-person session on his career path and coaching development.  Due to our diverse range of sporting options (approx. 30 sports) across the three terms we can offer opportunities to get involved in more than one sport and learn new skills.

Teach Meet Series

Millfield launched a free series of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions for teachers from state primary and secondary schools (teachers, TAs, ECTs, etc.) in 2023-24. The sessions were a great opportunity to learn, discuss, share and network, including keynote speakers from experts in their fields on the theme of Discovering Brilliance in Every Child – Supporting Neurodiverse Learners

Details for the 2024/25 series will be available soon. For any enquiries, please email:

Internships and placements

Whether a paid graduate internships or work-experience placement, we offer an opportunity to work alongside specialists in a chosen business area, building both individuals skills and professional network.  Both our graduate interns and placement students benefit from a tailored training programme to give the best insights in their chosen specialism.  Working as a valued member of the team, they are assigned projects to develop their understanding of what we really do whilst building networks with colleagues and their peer group.


Our apprenticeships, across a varied mix of specialisms, are open to both new entrants to attract new talent, and current employees to grow talent from within.  Each apprenticeship is genuine job for the term of the apprenticeship with an accompanying assessment and skills development programme.  The development programme is delivered through a mix of learning in the workplace, formal off-the-job training and practising new skills in the work environment.

At Millfield we are continually exploring new apprenticeship opportunities in different areas of the school i.e.  Sports Coaches, through to Business Administration, Coaching, Accounts, HR, Decorating, Plumbing, Management and Leadership to name just a few.

Core Skills Training

Whether IT, operational or specialist skills, we are committed to providing the right training and support to set you up for success in your current and future role at Millfield.