Why Millfield

Millfield is not like other schools, it never has been. 

We are diverse in a way that others are not; we are of a scale that others are not; we have ambitions for our children that others do not.

We encourage our children to question and challenge and ask why? To be bold, to be honest; we champion the voice of each child, we are disruptors for positive change, and we seek new and better ways to do things. We want to be at the forefront of child development, they are the future. We help each individual to discover their own brilliance.

This starts in the Pre-Prep, through Millfield Prep School and into Millfield. From the moment our children arrive, aged two onwards, we help them develop their character, resilience, relationships, abilities, skills and knowledge.

The Millfield Way is an attitude that brings together key staff in a child's life in a way that does not happen in other schools. It is an excellence of teaching and coaching with the child at the centre. Once your child has found their passion, we tailor an education programme that is right for them, wherever their talents lie.

As one of the largest co-educational boarding and day schools in the UK with over 1280 students in the senior school (75% are boarders) and 440 in the Prep School (31% are boarders, aged 7+), we have the resources to offer world leading teaching and coaching.

Education needs change, it needs to progress and we are prepared to make that happen.

Why do families choose us?

There are many reasons why families choose us to educate their children.

Focus on the individual

Everyone is brilliant at something. We help children to discover their brilliance, support them to excel in that passion and to celebrate that everyone is different.


The Millfield Way - an attitude that brings together key staff in a child's life. Excellence in teaching and coaching with the child at the centre. We tailor an education programme around them.


Our Prep school is in 160 acres of grounds and has a 25m swimming pool, recital hall, art, design and technology centre, five science laboratories, a golf course, equestrian centre and a shooting range.  Around our two boys boarding houses and two girls boarding houses, there is plenty of outdoor space for building camps, and we have an assault course, climbing wall and tennis courts.

Our Senior school is set in 200 acres and features an Olympic sized swimming pool, golf course, equestrian centre with stabling for 90 horses, indoor cricket and golf centres, fencing salle, a wonderful concert hall, theatre, art gallery and a world class music centre, spacious dining room and cutting edge science facilities. The school has 18 boarding houses, including specialist Year 9 only houses, and five day houses. 

Sporting Provision

Millfield is a name that is synonymous with sport. From the novice to Olympian and professional sportsperson, we believe exercise and activity is essential to the wellbeing of our students. Lessons learnt in the classroom transfer to the sports field and lessons learnt on the sports field transfer to the classroom.

Small class sizes

Class sizes are typically between 10-16 at Prep and 8-12 at Senior School, optimised for personal attention, so we really get to know each child, and for social interactions. This enables us to stretch the most able and support those who need an extra helping hand.

Academic standard

The results of our top 100 students for GCSE and A level, which is a number comparable with the size of other schools, compares extremely well with highly selective schools. Every year we have students gaining places at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, as well as many going on to the Russell Group Universities. Students also gain highly sought after places at universities to study subjects such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary as well as gaining scholarships to US universities.

Pastoral care

Whether boarding or day, all children benefit from the warm, positive atmosphere of their house. This environment helps to create such a strong community spirit throughout the school. Health, wellbeing and safety is at the heart of everything we do.

Learning support

Our learning support centres offer specialist support to children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. They pride themselves on creating supportive environments where children thrive and are equipped with strategies to become independent learners.


The breadth and depth of our offer is unmatched anywhere else in the UK. Our size means we have the resources to offer more subjects, more sport and more co-curricular opportunities to meet the needs and passions of our children.

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