The Importance of Prep Schools

As the eponymous name suggests, prep schools prepare pupils for senior school, with the resources to enable each child to be treated as an individual. At Millfield Prep School we help our children to discover their own brilliance, whatever that may be. Here are 10 things that reflect the importance of a prep school education...

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Benefits of Drama for Young People

Every pupil at Millfield Prep School has the opportunity to benefit from both weekly Drama classes and highly-anticipated whole-year productions. We find that these classes help not only those who wish to better their acting skills or perform on stage, but that the benefits of these lessons extend far beyond the drama studio. We asked Drama teacher, Miss Amy Chatwin, all about the benefits that drama classes and performance opportunities bring to our pupils.

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Five top tips for Careers and Higher Education after COVID-19: what to do next?

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that 2020 leavers have had a very strange year: no exams, a sudden end to their school experience and uncertainty around university places and the year ahead. For Upper Sixth leavers who are unsure as to what to do next, Millfield Head of Careers and Higher Education, James Brittain, offers some advice and top tips so students embarking on life beyond Millfield can be reassured about their choices.

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The Millfield Way Podcast

Welcome to The Millfield Way, Millfield School's official podcast where students, teachers, coaches and members of our community share insights into their day-to-day lives, as well as the latest developments in education and child development at Millfield School in Somerset, UK.

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