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In Focus - Millfield Cricketer Archie Vaughan

We sat down batting all-rounder for Millfield and Somerset, Archie Vaughan, to discuss his cricket journey and the cricket programme at Millfield.

How long have you been at Millfield?    

I joined Millfield in Year 10 and I am currently taking A level Economics, Business Studies and PE. 

How/when did you first start playing cricket?  

Ever since I can remember to be honest; I can remember family throwing balls at me from a young age. I started playing cricket competitively at six for a club in Sheffield where my dad used to play. We then moved over to Cheshire where I played lots of my junior cricket at Alderley Edge Cricket Club.  

At what age did you get into the county setup?   

I got into the county setup at Cheshire at 10 years old. I worked my way up there before moving down to Millfield at 15, where I joined the Somerset County setup and got a place on the academy. It wasn't my plan to join Somerset, but the opportunity arose after I moved down here to Millfield. 

Why Millfield? 

A big reason was because I knew the Head of Cricket here at Millfield, Mark Garaway. I knew how great of a coach he was and how good the facilities were, so it seemed like a great opportunity for me to progress in my cricket. 

What do you like most about the Millfield cricket programme?  

I would say how individualised the programme is; you get set a coach for your IDP (Individual Development Plan) and you can elect what you want to work on through the winter. The feedback from them is so specific and individualised. The video analysis is second to none and it's not something I've seen at another school. The school has a great relationship with Somerset CCC, and I make sure that both are informed on what I’m working on in training so that they can work together. 

What training programme do you follow? 

I have two IDP sessions a week and there are also optional sessions every lunchtime which I like to attend; they can be either ‘batting against spin’, ‘batting against pace’ or a bowling session. I also have one squad session a week which is either Monday morning or Thursday evening. I then go to Somerset trainings twice a week, which entails a longer session on a Wednesday and then I'll go to a shorter individual session on a Tuesday or Thursday.  

During the summer term I am also hoping to do some coaching with the younger age groups as part of Millfield’s team of student coaches. I think it's a great way of passing on knowledge to the younger kids, but it also helps me understand the game more and look at the game from a different perspective.  

What is your favourite sporting achievement/memory at Millfield? 

I would say beating King’s College Taunton last year, it’s always a fixture we look out for. We didn't have a great start to the season, so going on a 12-game unbeaten run was pretty cool after the start we had. We also beat Hampshire Academy and a few touring schools which is a great achievement for us.  

Are there any obvious changes to the programme that have been positive while you’ve been here? 

For sure! When I first joined Millfield, the lunchtime sessions were player-led and were usually a generic net session. However, now, all of them are themed sessions, like a ‘batting against spin’ session for example. They are a lot more structured by the coaches and you get a lot of out them. The squad has really gained lots of skill and understanding within the certain themes as a result, which has been really positive.  

How has the programme aided you as a cricketer? 

I can't really fault it, that combination with Somerset CCC and the amount of cricket I get during the week is an incredible opportunity, one I would have never got at home. The training, facilities and coaches have all been so great for me and helped me progress.  

What are your plans when you leave Millfield?  

I am planning to sign a professional contract at Somerset, but I am also looking at going out to join the ICP programme for 6 months in Sydney and play some club cricket out there, before coming back for the English summer. 

What is your best memory from Millfield Cricket? 

I would say my favourite memory from Millfield Cricket would be getting a wicket with my first ball for the Meyer’s team which was a great feeling and something I don't think I’ll ever forget.  

Which athletes inspire you and why? 

Being from Sheffield, I would have to say Joe Root, he is someone I really look up to and the person I would want to bat like the most. Outside of cricket, I would also say Tiger Woods because of his resilience of coming back from injuries and still being one of the best despite his age.