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 “It’s just like we’re at school”: What Millfield students think of Remote Learning
remote learrning


Just before the end of the 2020 Spring Term, Millfield students and their teachers began a transition into remote learning from their homes as a result of the international coronavirus pandemic. Here, some of those students explain how they have found online lessons so far.

Learn more about Millfield’s Remote Learning programme here.

“Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, I had to come back to Moscow, and I just finished my first week of the remote learning programme, which I really enjoyed. I found it surprisingly easy to work from the comforts of my own home and I felt completely supported whilst doing so. The teachers were able to give helpful feedback very quickly and I found that my homework was marked quicker than usual. The learning platforms we used, for example Microsoft Teams and Showbie, made the process of learning very easy. The video conference format allowed me to feel like I’m in my normal classroom, which was helpful for my concentration. I also liked the idea of having personal catch-up channels, where your teacher can give you your personal catch-up tasks and mark your work. It’s been a really helpful experience overall.”

Elizaveta, Lower Sixth, Moscow Russia

“The remote learning programme has varied significantly between subjects, as different teachers have had varying ideas on the best way to teach online. I have really enjoyed the lessons where we have had a meeting on Microsoft Teams. This allowed our lessons to be more like proper classes, as we were able to engage in discussions just like we would if we were at school. Real-time discussion definitely helped me stay motivated and stay on track with my work, as the challenge of putting forward your ideas and questions really helps the facts stick in your mind. I think over the next term, to keep our education on track it is essential that we have synchronous learning in the form of live communication through Microsoft Teams to make sure that we stay motivated, challenged and are prepared for the future.”

George, Year 10, Salisbury UK


“I have found Remote Learning enjoyable and engaging. It allows me to work anywhere I like around the house, and I still get to see my friends – just online!”

Lily, Lower Sixth, Somerset UK


Remote learning has been a useful experience for me as it has helped increase my independence. It is harder to have class discussions and ask questions. Normally, class discussions do help as it shows you other people’s points of view and it helps you to answer questions with a wider range of opinions. Because of this, remote learning shows the teachers more of what you are capable of achieving rather than being influenced by other people’s views. In a sense, it is almost like doing tests, as you’re being challenged to think independently.”

Willow, Year 9, Hampshire UK


“I think remote learning has gone pretty smoothly. You do need to be more organised in some ways, as you are on your own, but this is good in that it helps make you more independent. The iPad helps as you can see all your class and some tasks have really suited remote learning, for example carrying out science experiments and recording them.”

Ruaridh, Year 9, London UK


Despite the new situation my classes have adapted well and we haven’t lost momentum with getting through content and revision. Everyone is trying their best and it’s fun to link up from all over the world and start studying together. I’ve learned lots of tools and settings about my iPad that I didn’t know about before which will be really useful for university.

One of the most helpful methods is when teachers share their screens with ours and work through the notes. We are able to take screen shots and because we are using Teams we can ask questions as we go along. To me, it has the same feel as if my teacher was leading a presentation in class!”

Freya, Upper Sixth, Cornwall


“I have found remote learning to be amazing. Initially I wasn’t sure how remote learning would work, however it has turned out to be brilliant. Our lessons are delivered via the app Microsoft Teams and it blows my mind that I can still see and hear all my classmates even though some are the other side of the world. This is great as I believe that it is very important to stay connected and to communicate together even though we may not be able to see each other in person.

I have also found that the school day structure hasn’t changed due to remote learning, we are still able to attend our gym sessions and games sessions, the only difference is that it’s online. Being someone who swims it is strange not being in the pool as we swim a lot and it is a big part of our timetable, however I can still work with the swim team by doing live stream strength and conditioning sessions even during the school holiday. I have found this to be really enjoyable whilst still having to work hard.

We have still been able to have practical science lessons, using the remote learning app we can still watch our science teacher teach a practical experiment even though we are not in the lab. I have also found that my ICT skills have improved as I am having to use them more than ever.”

Grace, Year 9, Somerset UK


“Overall, I have enjoyed the online learning experience so far. I find it very useful that the work that we are doing in class is always available when you need it and it is very well explained - this makes it easier for me to understand when I’m catching up on missed lessons.  For me being in a different time zone (3 1/2 hours behind), this allows me to access the lessons at a more suitable time for me and continually have the ability to access the lesson days after for revision as well. I also find it easier in regard to emailing the teachers for help. The teachers respond very quickly to any concerns which is very helpful if you’re stuck on some work. There is also lots of resources posted for us to access which are beneficial for revision. I also feel like I can contribute more in the online lessons because I am less afraid of getting the answer wrong.”

 Darcey, Year 10, Newfoundland Canada


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