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Responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic: Stories from our OMs

For the first ever OM Society blog post, we would like to share with you the inspirational stories of how some of our OMs responded to the Covid-19 pandemic. All of these individuals, and many more, have demonstrated the inspiring selflessness, compassion, and unity of the Millfield Community during this difficult time.

Carlotta Paulus (2002-2004; Warner)


Carlotta joined a PPE production project linked with the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust in April 2020. Carlotta, and a group of volunteers, cut and sewed around 50,000 protective gowns out of theatre sheet fabric to help the NHS frontline staff who were low on PPE. The project was such a success that a second one in Hampstead Heath opened its doors shortly after! 

Alice Kelly (1996-1998; MPS/1998-2003; Day)

Alice is a Logistics Hub Lead at a Management Consultation company called PA Consulting, and she and her colleagues worked with the Cabinet Office on the Ventilator Challenge in 2020 to expedite the transit of urgent ventilator parts from all around the world to Ventilator Manufacturers in the UK. This involved working 7 days a week for several months. Alice describes this experience as a “massively successful project and I'm proud to have been a part of it!”

Nick Gates (1983-1985; Day)

Nick Gates

Nick, OM of the Year 2013, is a footballer and founder of international football charity ‘Coaches Across Continents’. Nick’s charity designs and organises campaigns to help young people in need of recreational sport and enjoyment, which was hugely important during the pandemic. The charity has helped educate over 27 million young people. 

Andrew Montague (1993-1996; Ivythorn)

Andrew is a Physiotherapist for the RAF. He was initially furloughed from the military, so instead he utilised his skills and worked for the NHS as a Community Physio to help people with long Covid. He has now returned to the military as the forces support the NHS to carry out mass vaccination.

Aimee Strongman (1997-1999; MPS/1999-2004; Abbey)

Aimee Strongman

In April 2020, Aimee started offering free weekly online yoga sessions for NHS workers, key workers, and teachers, on top of taking care of her own two young children, in order to help those working on the front line to unwind at the end of the day. Aimee had a brilliant response with over 200 people signing up and an average of 50 people attending each week. 

Georgina Wingfield (1968-1970; Holmcroft)

Georgina came out of her semi-retirement as a nurse and worked full-time for the NHS Test and Trace Programme as a Clinical Caseworker. As well as this, she cooked meals for a fellow OM in her village who was vulnerable and struggling to manage.

Andrew Wright (1986-1987; MPS/1987-1991; Day)

Andrew Wright

Andrew, OM of the Year 2015, is an award-winning West End Choreographer. Last August, he mounted a production in Glastonbury Abbey for the community, to provide much-needed entertainment. He has also been a key worker for Morrisons, delivering food to the vulnerable. 


If you have an inspirational story or achievement that you would like to share with us (it doesn't have to be Covid-related), please email us here.