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Sixth Former turned Race Car Driver – Benjamin’s Millfield Story
Millfield Upper Sixth student and Race Car Driver Benjamin Goethe

Dedicating your life to sport at international level is no easy task, it takes grit, determination and having the right support network around you to succeed. It is essential to have a holistic approach to the individuals’ needs, offering a suitable balance between academic pursuits and sport. At Millfield, we understand that sport at international level is far from one-dimensional. Here, we explore with race car driver Benjamin why he decided Millfield was the place for his Sixth Form education.

The development of future high-level performers isn’t just what you see at face value. A high jumper doesn’t just achieve their personal best, a footballer doesn’t just start scoring wonder goals and race car drivers certainly don’t just drive around a track fast! It’s the preparation technically, physically and psychologically along with recuperation that allows an individual to succeed. Every sport requires a degree of athleticism and at Millfield, we support student’s athletic development with access to numerous onsite gyms, the knowledge of our expert coaches and nutritional education from our onsite nutritionist.

“I chose to come to Millfield because I wanted to finish my schooling in a school where sport is highly regarded and where I can successfully complete my studies.” - Benjamin

Training roughly as many hours in a week as your age is no mean feat, so having an establishment that values academic and sporting endeavours equally is important. At Millfield, our holistic programme ensures students don’t fall behind in lessons, offering an extensive remote learning provision, catch up lessons and ongoing support from houseparent’s, teachers and coaches. ROFGO Junior driver Benjamin is one of approximately 60 international student-athletes at Millfield at any one time training in a variety of specialisms, all on their own path with the aim to achieve their potential. Whilst studying three A levels in Business, Spanish and Geography, Benjamin is ambitious in achieving a good education to fall back on whilst pursuing a career in racing.

Other than building a track on campus, the school is doing everything they can to support my racing career already - there is no better place for me in my career right now. My dream is just to compete and hopefully win races, with my ultimate goal being to drive for a manufacturer and one day win Le Mans.” - Benjamin

Pastoral care is essential for all students, arguably even more so for those following a rigorous sporting programme. Undergoing their busy schedules whilst boarding gives them the flexibility to study and train in one location, saving valuable time and having all the necessary resources in one place. Benjamin, who signed with Audi for the 2020 GT World Challenge Europe Endurance Cup, has the support from his subject teachers to ensure he has the balance right as well as his houseparent and matrons.

 “Benji is an inspiration, managing his heavy commitments alongside his A levels. Although what impresses me the most is that he is always calm and unflustered in-house juggling everything with great aplomb! He still finds time to chat to friends and is a great support and mentor for the younger boys.” – Karen Lloyd, Benjamin’s Houseparent

The GT World Challenge Endurance Cup has taken Benjamin across Europe this year, competing against and alongside some of the world’s best upcoming race drivers. Benjamin’s determination saw him return from Germany with a bronze trophy where he finished third in the junior category in ADAC GT Masters and eighth overall.

Millfield constantly adapts to support future high-level performers to balance and excel in the myriad of factors it takes to be successful on the international stage and on the academic front. Not every sport can be on the school curriculum, but offering a programme that supports students in their field through athletic development and a multi-sport experience alongside strong academics and individual sporting needs gives them every possible opportunity for success.

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