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The Benefits of Yoga and Pilates

The benefits of Yoga and Pilates are endless, and both have become a popular tool to increase mindfulness, promote relaxation and lower stress levels.

What do we offer?

At Millfield, we offer Yoga and Pilates as a full-time games option so students can choose to do them three times a week. Yoga is also a Millfield Activity Programme (MAP) option, giving students the opportunity to choose as an activity in addition to sporting commitments or try it for a term to see if they enjoy it.

Our instructors offer evening Yoga in boarding houses to help students wind down during busy times in the school year. Online sessions were held by our instructors during the UK’s lockdown period for students to enjoy; it helped them remain active and create a positive headspace in the challenging remote learning period. One student said, “It’s something I enjoy out of school, and find it an enjoyable way of exercising as well as being really good for me mentally”. According to The Metro, yoga was unsurprisingly the top at-home workout of the year with 25% increased uptake of the activity.

Who are the instructors?

Our Level 3 qualified Pilates coach, Mrs Cox, delivers sessions which offer a range of mat exercises focusing on the core principles of concentration, control, flow, centring, precision and breathing; qualities that can help other areas of school life.

Our two yoga instructors, Mrs Cella and Mrs Lane, have trained to specialise in Teen Yoga and Meditation and use their expert knowledge to help students feel mindful and positive.

What are the benefits?

Yoga and Pilates helps the students develop an understanding of the benefits of exercise, mindfulness, relaxation, and meditation and use these strategies beyond their sessions to wind down after a busy day. Millfield is a busy campus and students have jam-packed days full of lessons, music, sports and extracurricular activities so relaxation is essential for mental health, productivity and wellbeing. A student said, “After a session I am much more relaxed, and I think it is a huge help for my mental wellbeing and coping with stress and a busy schedule at school”.

Full time sports students also benefit from Yoga and Pilates sessions to improve fundamentals of their sport performance by improving balance, strength, co-ordination and to support aching muscles by deep stretching. A tennis player said, “Yoga increases my flexibility and helps prevent injury – I feel less tight during the week so I can move quicker in tennis.”

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