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The Next Generation: The Maddock Family's Millfield Story

By Nicola Pender, Alumni Manager, Old Millfieldian Society

“So much has changed at Millfield, and yet Boss’s ethos still remains: you were always encouraged to try new things and believe in yourself and your ability.”

Sharon Maddock (née Lee) joined Millfield as one of the school’s first 80 girls in 1962 to study for her A levels and prepare for university. Sixteen years on, when deciding where to educate her two sons, Nick and Rob, Millfield was the obvious choice.

“There was no contest; I knew Millfield was a fantastic school, so we moved back to Somerset from London to send the boys here.”

At Millfield Prep and Millfield in the 70’s and 80’s, Nick and Rob thrived, both academically and in sport: Rob is remembered for introducing karate to the school, and Nick achieved his place to study Mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge at only 15 years old.

Three decades later, the two brothers have chosen Millfield to educate their five children, becoming one of the first three generation families to attend the school.

“On the honours board at Millfield Prep, if you look closely you will see my name (Nick), and below is Katie’s, Tom’s and Jo’s names, all from when they moved up from Millfield Prep. It’s remarkable to be able to watch our family’s journey progress through the school.”

Sixty years on, Sharon frequently returns to school to watch her grandchildren perform in the concert hall or on the sports fields: “I’m thrilled to see my family walking the same path and enjoying Millfield in the way that I did.”

The family now includes a Cambridge University Mathematician, an Oxford Physicist, an A team rugby player, a grade 8 and National Youth Choir singer, a future computer programmer and three generations of Millfield hockey players. By the time eight-year-old Maddie and her sister, four-year-old Pre-Prep pupil Bea, leave the school, the Maddock family will have been at Millfield for eight decades.

Who knows what the future holds, but one day we hope to welcome more Maddocks to Millfield in years to come to continue their Millfield journey.

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