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Top 10 Tips for Remote Learning

Learning remotely can feel very different to sitting in the classroom or practising on the sports field and certainly presents a new set of challenges. However, there are ways that you can help yourself be productive, rise to the challenge and get the most out of your home learning experience.

Deputy Head (Pastoral) Tracey Hazell and Deputy Head (Academic) Dan Close, give their ten top tips for remote learning.

1.       Have a dedicated learning space

Millfield Prep pupil remote learning

You will find it much easier to work if you have a designated area to do so. Make sure it is not in your bedroom (that is your personal space), but maybe at the kitchen table or in a study. Having a specific place to go and do your work will mean you know that when you sit there it is school time. You can then leave this space at break and lunch times, so you do not feel like you have spent the whole day doing schoolwork.

2.       Screen time breaks

Millfield Prep pupil making muffins in Food Tech class in Glastonbury, Somerset

Make sure that you are not spending your whole day staring at a screen. When you have break or lunch, try and do something that doesn’t involve a screen: if the weather is nice, try and go outside for some fresh air or maybe do some drawing, painting, baking or modelling, read your book, play with your pets, write someone a letter or chat to others in your house.

3.       Don’t be afraid to ask

Even though you may be on the other side of the screen, there will still be a teacher available for you to ask any questions you might have about your work. Send them a message in whatever way is appropriate to let them know if you need help – otherwise they might not know that you are struggling and won’t be able to help you.

4.       Dress for learning

Millfield Pre-Prep pupils remote learning, doing the Joe Wicks PE class

It is very difficult to get into the right mindset to work if you are in your pyjamas! Dress for the day in some appropriate clothing, whether that is your school sports kit or something else comfortable, and you will feel much more like you are about to start a school day.

5.       Have a routine

Millfield Prep pupil using their iPad for a Maths class, at Millfield Prep in Somerset Glastonbury

Sticking to a routine will help you to feel motivated and ensure that you are getting regular breaks. If you are following a school timetable, that is great. If you are unable to follow a timetable, then why not make one for yourself? Make sure you schedule enough time to get your work done as well as any music practice or sport training, and regular breaks too.

6.       Keep Moving

Millfield Prep Junior pupil taking part in the remote Sports Day

Make sure that you get up and moving in between lessons. Whether that is kicking a ball about in the garden, taking a walk or doing some exercise, getting your body moving is always a good idea and will help you feel ready and motivated when you sit down for your next lesson.

7.       See this as an opportunity

This is a great chance to learn how to manage your time, self-motivate and use some new pieces of technology or computer programmes. Even though it can seem like an inconvenience, learning these skills now will definitely benefit you in the future.

8.       Take care of you!

Millfield Prep pupil remote learning outside

Make sure that you are getting a good night’s sleep, eating a good, balanced diet, drinking enough water (having your water bottle next to you at your desk can help), getting regular exercise, having some fresh air and practising mindfulness and good self-care.

9.       Remove distractions

Millfield Prep pupil remote learning

Try to remove distractions from your learning space. If you can be somewhere quiet, that is perfect. Put any electronic devices that you are not using onto Airplane Mode and make sure your desk or table is nice and tidy. Only have objects on your desk that will help you do your work.

10.   Have fun!

Learning should be fun, so see the positives, engage and be prepared to have a give everything a go!

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