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What Careers Will Maths Help Me With?

Mathematics is not only an important part of the curriculum, but a vital element of everyday life. At Millfield Prep School, we teach mathematics in a way that stresses the real-life application of the sums, transforming them from numbers on a page into something far more tangible.

Our curriculum spans across multiple subjects, linking Maths, Science and Design Technology together, to give the children a sense of how the skills they are learning apply to many different areas of life and learning. Pupils take part in projects such as ‘Be A Travel Agent’, where each child must design an overseas holiday, planning each step of the process, working out costings, calculating the speed of the airplane and considering timings for travel, including moving through differing time zones.
Maths can be incredibly useful if you want to...

Fly a plane

When pilots are flying, they have to use maths constantly to calculate distances, help them to remain on course whilst adjusting their routes, work out how much fuel they need, read the dials and instruments in the cockpit, work out angles for take-off and landing, and ultimately allow them to have a safe and successful flight.

Take care of people

Nurses and doctors routinely use addition, fractions, ratios and algebraic equations each workday to deliver the correct doses of medication to their patients or monitor changes in their health. Doctors regularly analyse numbers, make computations and employ statistics. They also have to use mathematics to read scans and x-rays. At Millfield Prep, pupils undertake a project called ‘The Average Pupil’, where the children have to deal with a large, real life, data set; picking out the key bits of information and producing a concise description of the average pupil. With limited guidance and wide parameters, this helps them to develop their skills in data analysis.

Make computer games

It is almost impossible to make any computer or video game without using maths. A person with good knowledge of trigonometry, vectors, geometry and percentages is perfectly equipped for developing games.

Take amazing photographs

A series of photographs
Photographers must use maths to work out things such as shutter speed (measured in fractions of seconds), aperture (the size of the lens opening) and light exposure, in order to capture the perfect photograph.

Soar into space

Astronauts use maths whilst they are flying through space to make precise calculations, from how they safely leave Earth's atmosphere to how they fly their spacecraft. Spacecraft designers also use maths to calculate distance, speed, trajectory and velocity when creating space-faring vehicles and mapping their flight paths.

Drive racing cars

Racing drivers and race car designers use virtually every piece of maths that is taught in school. From calculating speed and determining angles, to using data to analyse races and ensuring that cars fit within all the regulations needed. A racing car’s team uses maths every step of the way to try and secure a win.

Design clothes

At Millfield Prep, one focus in Maths classes is drawing, with attention paid to 3D shapes, using a compass and points of intersection. Pupils are able to practise designing and drawing online, and we think it is important to be able to sketch and understand space using their hands and developing their fine motor skills. Fashion designers must use a surprising amount of maths in their work. From measuring garments and understanding geometry when transforming a 2D pattern into a 3D piece of clothing, to doing mathematically accurate sketches of designs and calculating expenses to turn a profit, designers must have a good understanding of maths in order to create amazing garments.

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