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Why join a Prep School in Year 3?

Year 3 marks the start of Preparatory School, a step up in learning, independence, and for some, the start of boarding. Our cohort of seven to eight-year-olds at Millfield Prep benefit from expert teachers, an exceptional school clubs’ provision and exciting co-curricular activities. Read on to learn why families join Prep Schools in Year 3.

Specialist teachers and small class sizes

From Year 3 onwards, pupils are taught by teachers who are specialists in their subject areas. ICT, French and Design and Technology lessons are taught by professionals in their field, allowing our pupils to learn and be inspired by some of the best tutors in the industry. This, paired with small class sizes of 17, allows Year 3 pupils to benefit from intimate sessions to enhance their learning. With class sizes half the size than those in the state sector, children receive a more personal approach to learning. Millfield Prep pride themselves on how well the staff know the children and this is of real benefit to the pupil as they can adapt their teaching approaches to suit and tailor the learning to provide maximum success. Year 3 boarders join the rest of the junior department with lessons on Saturday mornings and day pupils begin Saturday school in Year 4 but are able to join in Year 3 if they wish.


Weekly music lessons

It has been well documented in the media that there is a growing divide between music provision in state schools and independent schools where music is a core component of a child’s education. At Millfield Prep, pupils enjoy one lesson of music per week within the curriculum. This early association with music gives all pupils the opportunity to experience playing an instrument, playing as part of an ensemble and benefit from the social and wellbeing aspect music provides. Outside of the curriculum, many children have private music tuition on a variety of instruments, taking part in termly Tea and Music afternoons and cushion concerts which are open for parents and members of the Millfield community to watch and enjoy. A large number of Year 3 pupils also join the junior choir, singing as part of assemblies and at various events throughout the year.


Sport sessions

The extensive sport and games programme for all pupils means there really is something for everyone. Sport at Millfield Prep is all-encompassing. Year 3 have two double games lessons and one double PE (physical education) lesson as well as weekly swimming lessons on a Saturday afternoon. Children take part in numerous matches and sports festivals seasonally, including rugby and hockey in the autumn term, and cricket, netball and football, among others, in the spring and summer terms. Pupils gain an essential involvement and passion for sport in their early years at Millfield Prep, finding where their brilliance lies and what they want to pursue for the rest of their time at Millfield and beyond. The sports facilities at Millfield Prep and Millfield are unrivalled in the country.


Activities and themed days

It wouldn’t be a day at Millfield Prep without an activity or theme to take part in and enjoy. The junior department (Years 3 to 5) participate in themed days as a whole department, including science and maths days, World Book Day and more recently, an Olympics day, learning about the Games’ history, legacy, participating countries, and putting on their very own opening and closing ceremonies across two days prior to the Tokyo 2020 Games beginning. These events allow pupils to mix with older children within the department whilst keeping them that bit younger for longer and tailoring learning to events in real life that puts it into context.


Extensive club provision

Our high-quality club provision gives Year 3 pupils the opportunity to develop their skills or learn completely new ones. Both before and after school, the wide range of clubs on offer builds our pupils’ confidence in trying new things and enables them to explore new-found hobbies whilst building new relationships along the way. These activities range from coding and ballet, to trampolining and tennis. The pure breadth of activities is seldom seen in state or other independent schools, and with a large majority of events held on our campus in Glastonbury, pupils have the freedom to be adventurous in a familiar environment.


Learning in the great outdoors

At every opportunity, lessons are taught outside on our vast campus. Whether it’s in the Forest School, down at the stables or simply sat amongst the trees, we value alfresco time and ensure that our pupils understand the importance of it too. Our countryside campus lends itself as a suitable backdrop for our students’ IPC (International Primary Curriculum) lessons, creating videos and presentations to support their learning at various outdoor locations. The flexibility for outdoor learning is extraordinary in comparison to state schools, and we take every opportunity to use our surroundings as a key tool within the curriculum. We recognise that we are very lucky to have such an environment.


Educating your child at a Prep School from Year 3 instigates early involvement in sport and music whilst benefitting from the expertise of specialist teachers. This, alongside small class sizes and the endless opportunities provided at Millfield Prep, builds strong foundations for their education and future endeavours.

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