Ten Millfield music students have been selected for National Youth Choirs

Ten Millfield music students have been selected for National Youth Choirs

Ten Millfield music students have been selected for National Youth Choirs. 

Lower Sixth students Beatrice Paterson, Teddy Hutchinson, Jenny Gu, Year 11 Tansy Fowler, Ahren Ryland-Day, Charlie Weston, Year 10 Amelie Whatling, Nancy Bix, and Year 9 students Emma Wyse and Asta Maddox have all been selected after taking part in an audition process for the National Youth Choir.  

The National Youth Choir is one of the leading Youth Choirs in Great Britain and is frequently the start of the careers of some of the best singers in the world.  

Reflecting on his time at Millfield, Lower Sixth student Teddy said, “The Music Department at Millfield is my second home. The music staff and fellow students alike are all there to help, support and inspire each other. There are so many opportunities to sing and play together, the music staff are truly dedicated to our development as singers and musicians.” Teddy was selected to be a member of the NYCGB (National Youth Choir of Great Britain) Training Choir and already has plans in place with the choir, “I will be attending a residential week-long course in April, and I will also be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of NYCGB, singing in the choir at the Royal Albert Hall.” 

Year 9 Asta, is currently a member of several choirs at Millfield. She said, “Performing has helped me to gain in confidence and I was lucky enough to win the song writing award at this year’s ‘Millfield Musician of the Year’ competition.” Asta was accepted onto the National Youth Choir Girls’ Choir. 

Year 11 Tansy, who previously was in the National Youth Choir Girls’ Choir has now been accepted on to the National Youth Training Choir of Great Britain. “Millfield has been very supportive of my singing, with many opportunities for me to grow as a singer and a musician.”  Year 10, Amelie has also made sure to make the most of opportunities at school, she said, "The music department at Millfield has offered a huge range of opportunities to help aid my development in music. Whether it be through choirs, theory lessons or concerts. At school, I am a  member of Millfield Singers, Voices and Camerata. I have weekly singing lessons with a vocal tutor as well as taking part in as many concerts as I can."

Lower Sixth student Jenny was also accepted onto the NYCGB, “My greatest achievement is becoming more confident through participating in evening recitals. These really helped me develop my singing skills.” 

Millfield Director of Music Kirsty Barry said, “We are immensely proud of the recent achievements of many of our fantastic singers. They love singing in a choir so much, that they want to invest even more in the experience by being in NYCGB. It is testament to the vocal tuition and choral opportunities here at Millfield that each year we see more of our students succeeding to gain a place in a such a prestigious group.” 

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