Former Millfield student Omar K. El Dokani becomes World’s Youngest Self-Made CEO

Former Millfield student Omar K. El Dokani becomes World’s Youngest Self-Made CEO

Millfield Upper Sixth student Omar Khaled El Dokani has been named as one of the youngest CEOs in the world after founding and establishing his own professional networking company, InterJoin, which is currently valued at 3.75 million USD.

Eighteen-year-old Mr. El Dokani, who attended Millfield on a scholarship, began the process of developing Interjoin while he was studying Business, French, Economics and Spanish at the independent school in Somerset.

Omar El Dokani says, “The very early stages of the company were thought of during my time at school. I still hold on to the very first piece of paper which had a simplified version of what is today our business model. Studying at Millfield proved to be a step in the right direction and for that I’d like to extend my gratitude to the Admissions team and Millfield’s scholarship programme. I can confidently say that studying at Millfield brought added value to my education which shaped me into who I am today.”

 The concept of InterJoin is “to address and minimise the rate of failed business ideas due to lack of funding.” This is done through a networking platform with a unique value proposition, which allows users to exchange services from a mutually beneficial standpoint. The company is currently in the midst of finalising the largest ever Serie-A investment deal issued out of the Middle East/North African Region.

Although Omar El Dokani has three university scholarship offers from top ranked UK universities, he is now planning to take some time away from education to focus on the growth of the company. InterJoin is planned to officially launch in early 2021.

Millfield’s Business Department is well-resourced with 14 teachers and offers students phenomenal access to the world of business, marketing, accountancy, sales and consultancy

through educational trips, guest speakers, employer workshops, business mentoring and enterprising enrichment. Students also benefit from the extensive Old Millfieldian network which includes Richard Caring, Chairman of Caprice Holdings which owns and runs The Ivy chain of restaurants, Jonathan Warburton, Chairman of British baking firm Warburton, and early stage technology investor, part-owner of the San Francisco Giants and D.C. United and Chairman of Westlake International Group, Will Chang.

Courses offered at Millfield include GCSE and A level Business, as well as highly sought-after BTEC courses in Business and Entrepreneurship, which are officially partnered with the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy. Recent successes in the department include BTEC Business and Entrepreneurship student Ailbe pitching his sustainable cycling business concept, CogNativeBikes, to Peter Jones CBE after making the finals of the national Peter Jones Foundation National Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

Omar El Dokani believes that millennials like him will revolutionise the business world and is hoping to inspire other young people to be bold in business: “In our generation, I believe there is an increased element of risk taking which hasn’t been as widespread previously. People are perhaps less frightened to step out of their comfort zone and that’s where I personally believe true prosperity comes from. I think this applies in whatever sector. Business wise, I have witnessed first-hand many aspiring young entrepreneurs enliven their ideas, whether it be big or small. It’s a great sign and demonstrates a lot regarding the capabilities of our generation.”

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