Headmistress of Millfield Prep School, Shirley Shayler, current students and two EOMs host our latest online reunion

On Saturday, we enjoyed hosting our latest online event, which was a Millfield Prep School (Edgarley) reunion. EOMs from the 50s, 60s and 70s attended the event and we had a fantastic panel of guest speakers. Current Headmistress of Millfield Prep School, Shirley Shayler, and Heads of School, Will and Matilda, joined us, as well as two OMs who went to Edgarley in the 50s and 60s, Ingrid Marsh (1965-67; Edgarley, 1967-72; Day) and Christopher Tillson (1954-58; Edgarley, 1958-63; Day & Shapwick).

The panellists spoke all about Millfield Prep School through the years, from the 1950s to the present day.

The first guest to speak was Shirley, who told us all about Millfield Prep School over the last 10 years. Shirley joined Millfield in 1989 and stayed until 2002. Over these 13 years, she was a Senior Tutor, an Assistant Houseparent, a Houseparent and a Biology Teacher, as well as coaching hockey, parachuting, water-skiing and scuba-diving. Shirley returned to Millfield in 2010 and took up the role of Prep School Headmistress. At the end of the Summer Term, she will be retiring from the school.

Over the many years that Shirley has been a part of Millfield, she has seen many changes. She was here when the new swimming pool and dining hall were built and has worked with five Senior School Headteachers!

There were several developments at the Prep School which Shirley highlighted as particularly rewarding. One of these was when cricket was introduced to girls, which Shirley described as momentous. Another development Shirley is proud of is the improvement in pastoral care at the Prep school: “I firmly believe that if children are happy and contented in their environment, their self-esteem will rise, and they will then succeed.” Shirley has loved seeing pupils going on to great achievements over the years!

It was also lovely to hear current Heads of Millfield Prep School, Will and Matilda, share with us what life is like at Millfield Prep and what they have achieved from their roles. Will and Matilda asked our EOM panellists, Ingrid and Christopher, what Millfield Prep was like during their own time there and how it is different today.

Ingrid joined Edgarley in 1965 and she spoke to us about her memories of teachers, lessons and all of the friends she made, many of whom she is still in touch with. It was lovely to hear her say that, “it was very much a family!”

Christopher joined Edgarley in 1953 and he had many fond memories of his years to share with us, including recollections of the school dinners, Boss Meyer and Christmas at Edgarley.

It was lovely to hear all about Millfield Prep School in the 50s and 60s and the ways it has changed whilst also retaining its core values. As Shirley summarised, there have been “quite a few changes but some little things have been kept as well.”

Watch the full webinar here.

Other News

Three students to take the international fencing stage

Three Millfield students have been selected by British Fencing to represent Great Britain in the U17 European Cadets Circuit. Sabrina Jones (Lower Sixth), Haleena Callaghan and Maisie Everett (both Year 11) will travel to Heidenham, Germany and Belgrade, Serbia to compete later this month.

Upper Sixth student Awarded Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant Cadet

Upper Sixth Millfield student Sam Curwen has been awarded the role of Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant Cadet in Somerset, for this year. He will be presented with a badge and certificate by HM Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Somerset, Mrs Anne Maw at Dillington House in Ilminster this month.