House Athletics Success

Millfield’s annual House Athletics competition took place on Wednesday 5 May. The event has been a calendar highlight for many years and students proudly run, jump, or throw for their boarding cohort in hope to win the prestigious trophy. In true Millfield style, each house proudly wore their house colours and sported war painted faces to create some friendly competition. The day saw many talented students break house athletics records which encouraged a very supportive bunch of spectators. 

A special award was launched this year in fond memory of the former Director of Athletics, Alan Lerwill. The Alan Lerwill Award was presented to Lucy Fellows (Abbey) for the best overall performance of the day with a solid 5.69m in the Intermediate Girls long jump, breaking the House Athletics record and surpassing the number 1 ranked jump in the UK this year.

Lucy Chalmers (Abbey) stole the show in the Senior Girls 400m with an impressive time of 56.96s, breaking the House Athletics record whilst Harriet Tunson (Overleigh) took 2nd place and Abbie Lovering (Portway) took 3rd.

Maya Kendall (Overleigh) set the third record of the day in the Intermediate shot put with a strong throw of 11.01m. Other fantastic performances came from Amira Weightman (Southfield) with 1.71m in high jump. Sophie Hamilton (The Lakes) and Millie Quaintence (Southfield) both showcased their national talent for javelin with shining performances.

Amir Sultan-Edwards (St Annes) captured the audience with his Senior Boys 100m performance, running a fine 10.8s and securing 1st place; Harry Barton (Great) was 2nd with 11.0s and Matt Bailey (Kingweston) in 3rd with a lifetime best on 11.1s. Will Aitkin (Joans Kitchen) won the Senior Boys 1000m event with 2m and 33s. Matt Hall (Orchards) ran the 300m in 37s and Oscar Webb (Millfield Chiefs) shone in the high jump with an excellent 1.65m clearance.

Southfield took the overall win for the Senior Girls whilst Warner won the Intermediate girls. The Acacia Cheetahs reached victory in the Junior Girls.

Holmcroft won the Senior Boys with Shapwick winning the Intermediate Boys and Keens Elm Optimists winning the Junior Boys event.

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