Interview with OM Ed Chudleigh

We recently interviewed OM, Pilot and Inventor, Ed Chudleigh (1993-1996; Shapwick), about his time at Millfield and how it has helped to shape his successful career.

Ed came to Millfield on a scholarship in 1993. We asked him to tell us a little bit about his time at school and he said he was immediately struck by the sculptures around campus and the beautiful, light-filled art block. From a young age Ed enjoyed the DIY of taking things apart and working out how they were made, and he described Millfield as “another chapter in that story.”

After leaving Millfield, Ed worked for Dyson for 11 years designing, inventing, and managing projects. Whilst he was there, he saw the oldest working jet engine which was invented by Frank Whittle. Ed knew his son, James, and involved him in a project to fire up and fly the engine, which Ed described as “a fantastic experience!”

You can find out a bit more about Frank Whittle’s invention here.

We also asked Ed about his interest in flying and being a Pilot. Ed was always fascinated by flying from a young age; he got his Pilot’s licence before he could drive! Whilst at Dyson, he took his commercial exams and was later offered a job flying and inventing in Bristol.

When asked about the future, and where he sees himself in five years’ time, Ed expressed that “I will continue to do it all!” As well as progressing his flying career, he would like to continue his artwork and explore new materials for his sculptures. Furthermore, he is determined to expand the capabilities of his invention, Genesis 2, a machine which can mould all existing types of plastic.

Ed’s enthusiasm for the invention of environmentally-friendly products, which are needed by society, was demonstrated by his creation of the first recyclable face mask. It is amazing to see one of our OMs giving back to the community at a time when help is needed!

Finally, we asked Ed what advice he would give to students currently at Millfield. He advised to “never be scared of doing something and it not being successful, because the success is in it failing and what you have learnt to get there.”

To watch the full interview with Ed, please click here.

Photo, left to right: Ed, James Whittle, and Sir James Dyson.

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