Millfield appoint National Space Academy Lead

Millfield appoint National Space Academy Lead

Millfield has appointed a Lead Educator from the National Space Academy as its new Head of Physics.

Conor Davies joined the science department in September bringing with him years of experience in the education sector. He has now been appointed Head of Physics and will lead the department.

The National Space Academy is the educational part of the National Space Centre, based in Leicester.  It is a non-profit organisation which focuses on using inspirational contexts from across space science to boost student attainment, support teachers through CPD training programmes and assist students in navigating potential career progression routes into the space industry. It has engaged with over 50,000 students and 6000 teachers since launching in 2008.

As a Lead Educator at the National Space Academy for more than 10 years, Conor travels to different schools around the country several times a year to deliver space-themed talks and workshops, to inspire the next generation of space workforce, as well as providing subject-specific support to PGCE students and Physics CPD to existing Science teachers.

The UK space industry currently produces around 16 billion pounds of income each year, with over 45,000 employed in the sector across a variety of roles.

Conor will bring a space slant to his lessons at Millfield as well as offering advice and guidance to students who have an interest in pursuing a career in the space industry.

Earlier this term, students were given a rare opportunity to touch rocky and iron meteorites older than the solar system, along with samples of moon rocks that were collected during the Apollo missions.

Conor joins Millfield from Ashville College, Harrogate, where he also held the position of Head of Physics. He said, “I am thrilled to have joined Millfield as the curriculum culture is so refreshing and enables us to teach around the subject and really inspire and engage the students. Physics and space are my passions, and I am looking forward to igniting that spark in the students and encouraging them to aim high, literally.”

Millfield students were inspired in November of last year when former student John McFall, who attended Millfield between 1994 and 1997, was selected to be one of the next generation of space astronauts for the European Space Agency, and the first ever ‘para-astronaut’.

With eight full-time teaching staff, two full-time technicians and a purpose-built building, Physics is truly embraced at Millfield, with an approach that maximises student enjoyment of the subject whilst simultaneously advancing knowledge.

Learn more about Physics at Millfield here.

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