Millfield duo selected onto British Swimming’s World Class Programme

Current Millfield swimming duo and four Old Millfieldians, have been selected onto British Swimming’s World Class Programme (WCP) for the 2021-22 season.

Upper Sixth students Tamryn van Selm and Evan Jones will join Old Millfieldians Brodie Williams (2014-2020), Kieran Bird (2016-2018), Cameron Kurle (2008-2016) and recent double Olympic champion, James Guy (2008-2016) on the prestigous national programme.

Tamryn and Evan have been recruited to the programme alongside nine Olympic champions which aims to nurture and develop the best of Britain’s swimming talent. The WCP gives selected athletes, split into Podium and Podium Potential categories, the opportunity to compete in key competitions and training camps, as well as benefitting from comprehensive support from British Swimming performance and support staff.

Tamryn says, “It is a huge honour to be selected, and we are very thankful to the Millfield Swimming programme for helping us get to this point. The environment at Millfield is very supportive both academically and with our swimming, and it is such a privilege to have access to the amazing facilities, training programmes and guidance from coaches on a daily basis.”

The news comes as performance swim coach, Ryan Livingstone, joins the Millfield team. Ryan is currently on the UK Coaching High-Performance Coach Apprenticeship (HiCAP) programme, aimed at coaches who are transitioning into high-performance environments and have high potential in their respective sports.

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Other News

Millfield students receiving their A level results 2022

Millfield leavers are celebrating their A level and BTEC results today following the return to exams this year, with grades higher than in 2019 as predicted. The 284 students in this year’s Upper Sixth cohort have displayed exceptional resilience, hard work and determination. 

Millfield twins Elena and Rosa have achieved outstanding identical A level results

Millfield twins, Elena and Rosa Launder, both achieved top identical results today.

The eighteen year-old sisters, who live in Somerton, Somerset, gained an outstanding three A* grades each, and are separating for the first time since birth and heading to opposite ends of the country.