Millfield launches expansive virtual MAP programme

Millfield students have the opportunity to take part in over 55 different Millfield Activity Programmes from their homes in a new virtual MAP offer.

The Millfield Activity Programme allows for students to explore their interests for an hour each week as part of their school schedule, with sessions having the potential to offer a break from academic study and remote learning, as well as the opportunity for them to try something new.

Sessions include Dissection Club, Flexible Cooking, Touch Typing for Beginners, CCF, Contemporary Documentaries, Mindfulness Colouring, Photography on your Smartphone and Smoothie Making. 

The Millfield Activity Programme is compulsory for students in Years 9, 10 and L6 and optional for Year 11 and U6.

 Learn more about Millfield’s MAP programme here.

Other News

Millfield musicians perform in Music at Millfield concert in the Johnson Hall

Millfield’s musicians took in our second ensemble showcase of the year, Music at Millfield. The concert celebrates the hard work and dedication our students have shown throughout the year towards their collaborative music making endeavours, and for many of them this was their last major ensemble concert of the academic year.

Millfield welcome new school nutritionist Adam Sutton

Millfield have welcomed a new school nutritionist, Adam Sutton.  

Adam will be working for the school’s catering provider, Chartwells, ensuring that food provision is meeting student’s diverse requirements and creating a positive experience in the dining hall.

Millfield sixth form students achieve highly in SAT exams for US university applications

Millfield students have scored highly in the spring American University application SAT exams. 

The exams, which were held at Millfield in March, test students on their aptitude in reading, writing and mathematics, and are an essential component of admissions evaluation for competitive places at top universities in the United States.