Millfield Prep breaks barriers with new Wellbeing Curriculum

In September 2021, Millfield Prep School launched a new Wellbeing Curriculum and 81% of pupils believe the curriculum has helped them in a positive way. Its aim was to help educate pupils about mental health and wellbeing.

The introduction of the programme aims to provide a safe environment for pupils to express themselves through a range of interactive activities whilst removing the stigma surrounding mental health. Activities include Yoga, Soul Food, Movement to Music, Self-Care, Alfresco Pursuits and Meditation, which were all implemented within a new timetable for children in Year 7 and 8. These classes aim to give pupils the tools to look after their own wellbeing by developing pupils’ awareness of mental health.

Out of a cohort of 160 Year 7 and 8 pupils who took part in the new initiative, it has been a resounding success with 93% saying they have enjoyed the new scheme. Year 8 Bertie said, “I have found the new Wellbeing Curriculum really fun and enlightening.” Others said they found they are ‘thinking about their mind more’, ‘feeling relaxed, calmed and soothed’ and it is ‘building their self-confidence’.

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Children now have strategies on how to cope with busy schedules and recognise when they have too much on and will seek help to reduce load or manage their commitments. Current Head of Millfield Prep, Dan Thornburn, said the new initiative has made “it normal to talk about and actively participate in ways to address any issues pupils might be facing. It is extremely refreshing to see within a school environment.”

Overall, the implementation of Millfield Prep School’s Wellbeing Curriculum has seen great success and the school looks forward to continuing to develop and empower pupils by providing them with the skills to improve their wellbeing.

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