Millfield Prep hosts first live concert of the year

Last week, 56 pupils from Millfield Pre-Prep and Prep performed in the school's Tea & Music Concert and Cushion Concert. The musicians were able to play their pieces in front of an audience of classmates in their bubbles, the first time they have had an audience this year. The concerts were also recorded and streamed on YouTube for parents and friends to watch at home.

A huge range of instruments were played in the concerts, including trumpet, cello, trombone, harp, flute, double bass, piano and guitar, as well as some wonderful singing performances.

The concerts featured pupils from Year 1 and Year 2 in Millfield Pre-Prep, up to Year 8 in Millfield Prep. For some of the children, it was their first time performing in front of other people. Everyone rose to the occasion beautifully and produced some outstanding performances.

At Millfield Prep, 260 individual music tuition lessons are taught every week, with Year 4 children all learning an orchestral instrument in their curriculum music lessons and Year 6 learning the ukulele. Find out more about Music at Millfield Prep here.

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