Millfield Prep Orchestral Project Begins

Every year, pupils in Year 4 are lucky enough to learn an orchestral instrument as part of the Millfield Prep Orchestral Project. This usually culminates in the formation of the Year 4 Orchestra and a special performance in the Summer Concert at the end of the year.

This week, Year 4 pupils were delighted to take part in the Orchestral Taster Day. The pupils were so engaged with the staff performances and several pupils demonstrated some raw talent when given the opportunity to try an instrument, from the cello and trombone, to the flute and harp.

The Year 4 pupils are hugely excited about the prospect of learning a new instrument and the music staff are looking forward to teaching them some new skills.

Find out more about Music at Millfield Prep here.

Other News


Millfield Upper Sixth student Yuka Machino was the highest placed female competitor in the world at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), held online this September.  She was the only female to win a gold medal and was placed 22nd out of 616 competitors, each one the very best from their country.

National Coding Week at Millfield Prep

This week is National Coding Week in the UK. Here at Millfield Prep, we have embraced the vision that effective use of information technology should be integral to the teaching and learning process.