Millfield Prep pupils awarded Kindness Cup

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Millfield Prep pupils were set the challenge of performing an act of kindness. At the end of the week, the Kindness Cup was presented to a pupil in each year who went above and beyond in their kindness.

In Year 3, Hester H received the Kindness Cup for raising money for charity with her cake drive-by and always being kind to her classmates.

In Year 4, Sophie F wrote her neighbour a lovely act of kindness letter and is always very respectful to others whilst in remote learning.

In Year 5, Frederick H organised a number of activities raising money for charity, including cycling the distance from his home here in Somerset to his old home in Worksop, 211 miles, by cycling around fields. Frederick also spent VE Day making and delivering scones to his community and local elderly people.

In Year 6, Zen K baked some goodies that he left on his friends' doorsteps. He then baked cakes for VE Day and shared them in his community. Zen also orchestrated a letter to be written to a teacher in school from his whole tutor group.

Find out more about our school value 'Be Kind' here.

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