Millfield Qualify for Southern Trampolining Championships

Millfield students recently competed in the Southwest School’s Trampolining Championships. 

The team included Ellis James and Alice McIntyre Newton in Year 10, Emery Taylor and Luidji Louis Hanson in Year 11 and Patrick Salisbury and Jake Register in Lower Sixth.

Ellis won the Elite Boys competition whilst Alice took 4th place in the Intermediate Girls, Emery Taylor finished 2nd in the Novice Boys group and Patrick finished 3rd. The Novice Boys team, including Emery, Patrick, Jake and Luidji won overall. It was a fantastic achievement for the students, especially Patrick and Jake, who only started trampolining in September.

Millfield’s lead trampolining coach, Julie Boyd, said “We have been working hard since September on their ten-bounce routines and it was lovely to see them all perform to the very best of their ability last Sunday. For many of the students, this was their first competition. Performing in front of a judging panel, in front of a large audience is a daunting experience. I am so proud of the entire team.”

Their solid performance secured the student’s places in the Southern Zonal Championships in January.

The team choose to do trampolining as an extra game’s session in addition to their usual three sessions of sports each week. There are five sessions of trampolining on offer throughout the week during lunchtimes and afterschool to allow students to balance school commitments. Trampolining is also available as an option for the Millfield Activity Programme which takes place every week.

Find out more about trampolining here.

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