Millfield Sixth Former places runner up in Oxford University essay competition

Millfield Sixth Form student Polly has placed as a runner up out of over 500 entrants in The Oxford Scientist essay competition, run by students at Oxford University.

Polly’s essay, titled The Invention Giving Women Control’ explored the impacts the pill has had on empowering women, especially those in developing countries, and how it allows them to control not only family planning but their career as well.

The Sixth Form student was inspired to enter the competition while undertaking her lessons online.

Judges for the competition included Zoologist and Science Communicatior, Dr Joanna Bagniewska, former Research Facilitator at the History of Science Museum, Dr Lee MacDonald, PhD Biochemistry student, Emile Roberts and Masters’ student of Biochemistry, Phoebe Ashley-Norman.

Polly says, “I am really interested in public health issues which is why I would love to pursue Medicine at university. After having watched a TedTalk on contraception by Melinda Gates, I was really inspired to look into the topic further.”

Other News


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