Millfield Sport launches student-led mental health campaign

Millfield Sport have launched a new student-led well-being and mental health campaign through sport based on the World Health Organisation’s framework for well-being.

The four-week series, which is being led by Upper Sixth student and hurdler Lucy-Jane, aims to raise awareness and inform students of the ways they can develop and improve their well-being and mental health during a global pandemic.

It comes after over 400 students at Millfield took part in a survey to report on their perfect wellbeing day. The students were asked to share what their ‘perfect day’ consisted of. The students highlighted how important ‘friends’, ‘playing sport’, ‘family’ and ‘cooking and eating’ were to their personal well-being.

The campaign includes a selection of podcasts, Q&A’s, infographics and webinars sharing practical ideas and discussions every Thursday through March from 6:30-7pm which will be open to students, staff and parents in the Millfield community. The programme will also include insights from special guests from the world of sport, including England Rugby sevens players Alex Davis, Tom Mitchell, Bath Rugby’s Ruaridh McConniche, and GB international hockey player Giselle Ansley, among many others.

Each week will explore a new theme around the five aspects of well-being – Connect, Be Active, Be Mindful, Keep Learning, Give.

The programme has been developed with the help of performance psychologist Katie Warriner and the Moonshot team. Katie has worked with national and regional professional sports teams including GB Hockey and Bath Rugby and is currently co-authoring a book with Marcus Rashford to help young people find their voice and fulfil their potential. 

Watch a video produced by Lucy-Jane here:

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