Millfield student amongst high profile speakers in London Minds wellbeing conference

Lower Sixth student, Amirah Weightman was amongst a range of high-profile speakers in London Mind’s Wellbeing Conference last month. Amirah joined Millfield from Millfield Prep in 2017 and has been a boarder throughout with a particular talent in netball and athletics.

London Minds, in association with Movember, hosted a series of virtual masterclasses, insightful interviews and some engaging interactive sessions such as eating for mental health, sleep workshops and male mental health.

Amirah was invited to share her strong perspective of the pandemic from the eyes of a teenager and how it affected normal day to day life.

Amirah was amongst speakers such as A&E Doctor and UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador Dr Alex George, BBC National News Presenter, Journalist, Producer, and Author Kate Silverton and Dr Hazel Wallace, doctor and founder of The Food Medic, just to name a few.

We asked Amirah to tell us a bit about her experience.

Why do you think events like this are important and why did you want to get involved?

I felt it was so important to be involved in an event like this, as so many people struggled during the pandemic with restrictions in different ways, be it interacting with friends, sports fixtures, performing at events, suffering from mental health or just having structure which school provides you with. Giving my account of how the pandemic and lockdown affected me, gave me hope that other children and teenagers may have been able to realise that they were not the only ones who may have been finding it challenging. Being in lockdown really gave me the time to reflect and put into perspective how much I enjoyed and missed being in the classroom, on the netball courts, athletics track and being in the boarding house. It has given me the drive and hopefully others, to really make the most of your time at school because before you know It you will be writing your UCAS applications and going off to university or other path in life.

Do you think Millfield has supported you through the pandemic?

The programme Millfield put together, was like no other. I learnt how important it was to keep structure in my day to day life through the pandemic, otherwise it was easy to fall down the slippery slope of ‘laziness’. I found that the school helped reinforce structure into our lives even without us physically being there. The support the school offered allowed me to be able to continue with games sessions, have interactive online lessons, house competitions and even quiz nights. It was clear that the school put a lot of effort into making life for students as normal as it could possibly be. This gave so many students like myself, the support, interaction and enjoyment which school provides and we all missed. Even though online education was exceptional, it is incomparable to life on campus. The support in which we were given prepared us all for our return back to Millfield, so we all felt ready, comfortable and excited for when we got back.

What are you studying and what are your hopes for the future?

I am a Lower Sixth student, and I am currently studying Economics, Politics and History. My hope for the future is to follow my sporting path in either netball or athletics and alongside that study Economics and Politics at university. A long-term goal is to one day be sitting in the House of Commons.

Learn more about Amirah here.

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