Millfield student praised in Young Economist of the Year competition

Millfield student praised in Young Economist of the Year competition

A Millfield economics student has been recognised by the Royal Economics Society for her work on regional inequality and levelling up.  

Hatty Kingsford was commended for her submission to the Young Economics of the Year competition essay on regional inequality and the potential for the “levelling up” programme in her home county Somerset. 

The Young Economist of the Year competition is an annual student-based competition, which aims to encourage students to think of economic issues and promote the study of economic science. The essay-based competition is held for A level students around the UK, who submit an essay about one of the five chosen topics.  

Hatty who joined Millfield Prep in Year 6, is a day student from Street. Hatty said, “This topic was a particular interesting for me since Somerset is a rural county, which not only faces inequality from within but also when comparing to other counties around the UK it becomes prominent that Somerset lacks the digital and transport infrastructure seen in other areas of the country due to a lack of firm and government investment. The content of my essay provided solutions to Somerset’s current issues of an ageing population, a lack of those who are economically active and a decline in the survival rate of small, local businesses”.  

When asked what tips she would give future Millfield students entering the competition, Hatty said, “Choose the question which you feel most passionate about, as this passion is likely to come across in your writing and make your essay stand out. In addition to this, make sure that your essay is researched and planned before you begin to write it, as this will provide you with a good structure.” 

In addition to being a member of the Millfield Economics Society, Hatty is also the 3rd team Netball captain and part of the Millfield junior horse-riding team. Reflecting on her time at Millfield, Hatty said, “My favourite thing about Millfield is its ability to accommodate its students with almost anything they wish to do - whether it be playing the violin, becoming a mathematical genius, or being an international triathlete - Millfield can help get you to wherever you wish to go!”.  

After Millfield, Hatty hopes to study Economics and Management at university. 

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