Millfield Swimmers on world-class pathway have sights set on Olympics

Millfield Swimmers on world-class pathway have sights set on Olympics

Two outstanding Millfield swimmers on World Class programmes aiming for the Olympics next year, have received their A level results today.  

Solomon Williams, who joined Millfield Prep in Year 8, is a boarder from Buckinghamshire and achieved an A* in Maths, an A in Further Maths, an A* in Physics and an A* in Chemistry, one of the schools top achievers. Solomon has represented Millfield in Maths, Physics, and languages Olympiads. In addition to his academics, Solomon is a talented swimmer having won national medals and has been selected to represent both Great Britain and Wales at International competitions.  

Alex Painter, who joined Millfield Prep in Year 4, is a day student from Somerton. He took A levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry whilst excelling in his swimming and claiming the European and British Junior Champion titles. He has also gained multiple British age group titles.  

Both swimmers will continue training at Millfield with the Millfield Performance Squad. The newly formed Performance Squad is designed for student athletes aspiring for podium success on the senior international stage, offering them the chance to utilise Millfield’s swimming, coaching and facilities.  

Alex and Solomon are looking to utilise this provision to fulfil their 2024 Paris Olympic ambitions. Alex said “Getting to train with the world’s best every day allows you to truly see the skill and dedication required to compete at an elite level. It’s inspiring to be able to race on the same team as Olympic and World Championship athletes. Having them here is a testament to the coaching and facilities at Millfield.” 

Alex said, “My entire competitive swimming career has been at Millfield from Year 4 to Upper Sixth. Swimming at Millfield isn’t just about the short-term gains and success but looking at the bigger picture and providing us with the skills required to achieve in any field. I am constantly inspired by former and current Olympians from Millfield along with the committed world-class coaches and physios at school who all aim to maximise my output. We’re also very fortunate to be training every day in a 50m pool and have access to several gyms.” Alex was able to balance his academics whilst competing. He said, “During my final A level year, my swim coach, housemaster, and teachers were in constant touch to balance my international competition commitments with my academic studies. I was set additional catch-up materials as well as extra classroom sessions in the lead-up to the summer exams. This gave me the confidence that I could give both my training and my A levels the appropriate level of attention needed, so I didn’t fall behind.”  

Solomon, who is also hoping to train at Bath University, said, “The calibre of coaching and facilities at Millfield is outstanding and there is a unique sense of community, everyone is supportive of one another and stimulated to bring the best out of themselves. It has been a massive privilege to have been part of such an inspiring environment.” In addition to swimming, Solomon can often be found in the music department, playing piano, violin, and the saxophone. He said, “The culture in the music department is unparalleled in the amount of enthusiasm displayed on a daily basis by both staff and students. Music has taken huge precedence in my Sixth Form life.” Solomon had to balance his swimming, academics, and music. He said, “The relationship between sport and academics at Millfield is seamless with a special emphasis on free-flowing communication between students and staff which I have always found helpful. In addition to everyday logistical aids such as gym scheduling during free periods, I was always able to join catch-up workshops for missed lessons after competing.” 

Director of Swimming Euan Dale praised the students saying, “Solomon and Alex are gifted individuals, we are so proud to have watched them grow into the remarkable young men that they are today. We can't wait to follow and support them in their journey to bigger and better things beyond Millfield.” 

Alex and Solomon will be following in the footsteps of Old Millfieldians, James Guy, Duncan Goodhew, Mark Foster, Brodie Williams, Kieran Bird, Cameron Kurle and Suzanna Hext.  

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