Millfield twins achieve top identical results

Millfield twins, Elena and Rosa Launder, both achieved top identical results today.

The eighteen year-old sisters, who live in Somerton, Somerset, gained an outstanding three A* grades each, and are separating for the first time since birth and heading to opposite ends of the country.

Elena will study Biological Sciences at Exeter University, whilst Rosa will head up north to Edinburgh to pursue her ambition to become an architect.

Rosa said, “We didn’t want to go to the same university. We’ve been together for so long and we’ll see each other in the holidays.”

Elena added, “It’s nice to start our own life separately, nice to have our own universities.”

Elena achieved straight A*s in A level Biology, Spanish and Product Design and Rosa also received A*s in French, Maths and Product Design. Although the creative pair have been in the same school together, they only share one class and have been in different classes since Year 6 at Millfield Prep School.

The twins have big aspirations for life after Millfield. Elena is interested in stem cell research or working with animals as well as property design which she’ll continue alongside her science degree. Rosa dreams of starting her own architecture firm, going into property development and designing the properties herself.

When asked if she would employ her sister, Rosa said, “We’ve talked about maybe starting something together in the future and see where we end up. We are open to anything and we’ve got similar styles so why not.”?

The twins’ Millfield journey began at Millfield Prep when they joined as flexi-boarders in Year 4. Their brother, who is five years older, attended Millfield Prep before Millfield and it was a visit to one of his sports days that made the twins decide the school was for them.

They are half English, half Dutch, growing up in Majorca before moving to England just to attend Millfield. When they arrived they could speak some English but could not write any. They were soon speaking and writing fluently in English after immersing themselves into Millfield Prep life.

Alongside their academics, the scholars’ interests differ outside of the classroom. Rosa is a full-time netballer in the first team, Grade 8 in the double bass and played percussion in a multitude of concerts and ensembles.

Elena has a passion for hiking after traveling to Norway and Iceland. She completed her Gold Duke of Edinburgh award and aspires to hike across Europe and the world.

The duo began boarding for Sixth Form together in Butleigh House and say the best thing about Millfield is making so many international friends.

Their houseparent, Emma Watambwa, said, “Elena is a true all-rounder, her academic endeavours are exemplary and she has made valuable contributions to fencing and has developed her leadership skills through her role as prefect. Rosa has been involved in so many areas of school life through music, netball and being a prefect whilst maintaining an exemplary academic record. I am certain that both girls will be highly successful at university with their vibrant and committed attitudes.”

Reminiscing on 10 years at Millfield, Elena said, “The support from all our teachers has been great. So many teachers are so dedicated and will see us in their free time. I’d say to anyone starting, take advantage of all the opportunities. Work hard but enjoy yourself.”

Rosa said, “My favourite part of Millfield is all of the trips. Everything at Millfield is becoming more equal now with girls in sport and it’s been great to be a part of that movement. Sustainability has been taken a lot more seriously as well which is really important.”

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