National Coding Week at Millfield Prep

This week is National Coding Week in the UK. Here at Millfield Prep, we have embraced the vision that effective use of information technology should be integral to the teaching and learning process.

The Year 6 classes have been programming the Sphero robots this week in exciting games of Robot Golf on the school putting green. The pupils used their iPads to programme the small, round robots, to try and direct them towards the holes and score a hole-in-one! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game, with pleas to repeat the lesson the following week.


At Millfield Prep, our youngest pupils learn coding through the 'dot and dash' robots, which use iPad and Bluetooth technology to move through a mazes which the pupils create using code. Our older pupils enjoy using resources such as the virtual reality goggles, which are implemented throughout the curriculum to give Millfield Prep pupils a further dimension to their learning.

In Years 7 and 8, pupils learn to write lines of code and are introduced to the Raspberry Pi computer, which is used to create a programme using Python programming language, allowing pupils to control robots through code they have written.

"I see ICT as integral to driving skills development and accelerating the pace of learning for our pupils" says Head of Computing and ICT Mr Jonathan Ford, "It is important to get pupils involved from the beginning of their school career, but also giving older pupils roles as Digital Leaders in the school". These roles allow the older pupils to train their peers and test new products and ideas, such as at the UK BETT Show (the UK's biggest educational technology show).

Find out more about Digital Learning at Millfield Prep here.


Other News


Millfield Upper Sixth student Yuka Machino was the highest placed female competitor in the world at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), held online this September.  She was the only female to win a gold medal and was placed 22nd out of 616 competitors, each one the very best from their country.