15 Old Millfieldians prepare for the Commonwealth Games 2022

Since the formation of Millfield in 1935, sport has always played a significant role in the development of every student that comes to the school. Millfield has sought to provide opportunities to engage everyone through a diverse, challenging, multi-sport experience at all ages across all abilities.

Millfield is home to nearly 60 international youth representatives at any one time, with a number of students going on to compete at professional, Olympic or Paralympic level after they have left.


This year we are proud to share that 15 OMs will be taking part in this multi-sport event that starts Thursday 28 July.

The Commonwealth Games is an iconic celebration of sport performance, bringing athletes and communities from across the world together to acknowledge the values of humanity and equality through a festival of sport.

We have seven OMs who will be representing their respective nations in Swimming at the Birmingham Games: Brodie Williams and Cameron Kurle in the Swim England team will join Double Olympic champion James Guy. Kieran Bird will swim for Wales, Emma Harvey for Bermuda and Tatiana Tostevin for Guernsey, while Imara-Bella Thrope will represent Kenya, 40 years after her father Conrad Thorpe swam for Kenya in the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, Australia.

OM, Jazmin Sawyers, will be taking to the track for England in Athletics for the third time at the Commonwealth Games. Erica Hawley will be attending the games for a second time representing Bermuda in Triathlon, while Niall Caley will be representing Isle of Man. OM and fellow Olympian, Alec Coombes, will be playing in the Scotland men’s Rugby Sevens tournament. Stuart Rushmere will be representing Team England in Hockey at his first Commonwealth Games, while Hannah Cozens and Toby Reynolds-Cotterill will represent Team Wales, and Milly Tanner will fly the flag for England in Cycling.


We recently spoke with OMs, Emma and Niall, about how their time at Millfield has impacted where they are now.

After completing her four years at Millfield from 2015-2019, Emma accepted an offer to attend Penn State University, where she has continued her swimming journey. Emma heads into the games strong, having just picked up two gold medals in the 100m butterfly and backstroke events at the Bermuda National Championships.

Emma said, “My time at Millfield was the most impactful experience of my life. It truly shaped who I am as an athlete and as a person. While I was at Millfield, I learned many invaluable lessons from my coaches, teachers, teammates and friends, all while training in world class facilities and getting an amazing education. Special thanks to my primary coach and Director of Swimming Euan Dale alongside my Housemistress Cristina Garcia, for all their support as they helped make my time at Millfield a successful and enjoyable one.”


Niall joined the University of Bath after completing Sixth Form at Millfield, where he is part of the University Triathlon Performance Squad. Following the Commonwealth Games this summer, Niall has accepted a four-year scholarship offer to join Queens University in Charlotte, USA, where he will continue his triathlon training and development.

Niall said, “I joined Millfield Prep in 2012 in year 6 and I graduated in 2020 following my A-Levels, so after eight years, Millfield has certainly forged a large part of who and where I am today. It is a pretty amazing school, and the sports facilities are world class. I have been lucky enough to have been coached and supported over the years at Millfield by some exceptional individuals however, I must acknowledge the informative role by my school triathlon coach Christian Brown. My journey in triathlon has not always been a straight line, yet throughout I have always had the unequivocal support of Christian, such as taking me to race in Jersey for Super League, preparing individualised training plans and even helping me recover from injury setbacks. Even since leaving Millfield there have been occasions where I needed help and Christian has always been there in fact, I am proud to say that Christian and Millfield are currently helping with and supporting my final preparations for the Commonwealth Games.”

Please join us in following our OMs through this exciting journey and wishing them the best of luck!

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