OM Adesuwa Oni is the new E.D Nurse Ngozi Okoye on hit BBC drama Casualty

OM Adesuwa Oni is the new E.D Nurse Ngozi Okoye on hit BBC drama Casualty

Adesuwa Oni, formerly recognised for her performance in Netflix's African Queens: Njinga, is now part of the cast of Casualty. She portrays Ngozi, an Emergency Department nurse who has recently moved to the UK from Nigeria.

Since leaving Millfield, Adesuwa, who boarded in Warner House, has achieved remarkable success in the creative world. From working with Henry Cavill in Netflix's 'The Witcher' to the leading role in Jada Pinkett-Smith's executive-produced 'African Queens – Njinga'. Most recently, the BBC introduced Adesuwa as a new series regular on their BAFTA award-winning Drama 'Casualty', with her inaugural episode airing just this month.

"Acting has always been my dream, ever since I was 5 years old in Nigeria watching Gene Kelly in 'Singin' in the Rain.' But that's what it always felt like to me. A dream. A figment. It didn't feel, at the time, like it could find a place in the real world for me." 

Adesuwa explains her journey wasn't always straightforward: "I feel like everything added to the path. I didn't go to drama school, but I met a lot of drama school graduates or entrants who taught me things. I knew that the majority of the teachers for these schools would run workshops in London, so I was convinced that one way or the other, I could get the learning I needed. I just had to be willing to have my eyes open. And as the late Chadwick Boseman once said in an interview, 'when you are on the right path, the universe conspires to put things in your path to help you.' Of course, for me that's God, but still.” 

Having pursued A-level Drama at Millfield, it seemed like the stars were already aligned long ago, but Adesuwa emphasizes that it wasn't that simple: "I'll be honest, I wasn't one of the 'favourites' when it came to drama at Millfield. In fact, if I'd had to pick who I thought would be in the creative industry from my year group, I would not have put any money on myself, at all! But that's the beauty of God's intention. What's for you will never miss you.” 

"I will say I owe a lot to my dance teacher at Millfield, Miss Juliette Peach. I think she is still there. At least, for future generations, I certainly hope so. I was part of the first Bazique group to have her teach us Ballet and Contemporary dance. She saw something in me I did not see in myself, and she pushed me harder than the other dancers in Bazique to do more ballet exams in a year than anyone else at the time. So, she and I had a lot of private lessons over break and lunch times. Anytime we could fit in to get the syllabus down for my exams. I hugely respected and loved her. And because she believed I could do it, I did too. I think that formed a fundamental basis of how I see the creative world and operate in it. Head down. Keep Training. Aim for Excellence. You will get where you are going. It's already happened; all it needs to do now is manifest. 

"I am very grateful that my path still allowed me the joy of going to Uni, doing a Master’s Degree, and working in the City of London before I fully settled. I love learning, so graduating from LSE for my Master’s and working in Deloitte for three years as a management consultant are years I would never wish away. I took from them invaluable skills that have stood me in great stead in the creative industry. 

"I always pursued the Arts, even in those establishments. I would take whatever I could get my hands on, be it Uni Drama Society productions, Semi-Pro shows in London... anything! I've always believed you can't sharpen a tool you don't use. And somewhere after being exposed to Ms. Peach, I knew, I just knew the Arts were for me. I would have done anything to get involved. I even used to take the coach from Southampton to London and skip some undergrad lectures to go audition for West-End Shows. It was a "whatever it takes" life. And to be honest, I could argue it still is. But now it's whatever it takes to shine God's love into the world. I'm just grateful that the Arts, be it acting, dancing, singing, playing the guitar, martial arts, or even DJ'ing (I'm learning), is the conduit through which that love gets to flow to its fullest extent. 

"Ultimately, I'm really just very grateful to God for how He has led me and keeps leading me. I'm only just getting started, and I give Him all the glory for every person I've met along the way and every moment. And I can't wait for everyone to see what's in store for my latest character Ngozi on Casualty!" - Adesuwa Oni.

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