OM Oska Zaky releases Debut EP ‘22 Years Later’

OM Oska Zaky releases Debut EP ‘22 Years Later’

Oska is an alternative, electro, pop artist, producer and songwriter from Glastonbury, Somerset.   

With multicultural roots including Northeast African, Italian, Middle Eastern and Irish, Oska has a varied music palette which shines through in all material he produces.   

Playing shows including Glastonbury Festival since the age of 14, he has developed a respected fan following, some of which have supported him since the very beginning. With two finished EP’s and multiple supporting singles ready to go, 2023 is looking like a glowing year for Oska’s development as an independent artist.  

Oska uses his creative endeavours as an emotional response to his rocky childhood. This is a running theme throughout the questions Oska tries to answer through his music.   

On top of Oska’s career, he is also an acclaimed video director and joint founder of UNTHNKBLE, a creative video production powerhouse. Through the company, Oska has filmed for acts such as Chris and Mick Jagger, Circa Waves, Quarry and Two Door Cinema Club.  

When chatting to Oska about his EP and the motivation behind some of his music, he said, “I have been musically inspired since before I can remember. A defining moment which kick-started my artist project was when I was 14 was at Glastonbury Festival. Standing on the side of the pyramid stage watching one of the headliners having an amazing time, gave me that feeling that you only get from performing live. The next day I used my self-taught piano skills to learn guitar. I had lessons in the past, but they never stuck. Weeks later my local college had a summer studio day experience - my mother kindly surprised me with this opportunity attend. The night before, I wrote my first full song, recording it at Strode College, this changed my life. All I wanted to do from here was write and perform stories about the things I had been going through.”  

22 Years Later is a story through some of the trials and tribulations Oska had to endure from a young age, that have been boiled down to 15 minutes and 38 seconds. The EP is about his hopes and dreams, reflecting upon reality. It sonically represents feeling lost, inadequate, dysfunctional & lonely, battles Oska said he had to frequently deal with. 

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