OMs Paris Norriss and Oli Amos complete World's Toughest Row across the Pacific Ocean

OMs Paris Norriss and Oli Amos complete World's Toughest Row across the Pacific Ocean

OMs Paris Norriss and Oli Amos, among a team of four friends (and Oli’s brother) called Brothers N Oars, have accomplished a historic row across the treacherous Pacific Ocean in 39 days, 4 hours, and 28 minutes, joining the ranks of only 82 people in history who have achieved this remarkable feat - considerably fewer than have gone to space or climbed Everest. This extraordinary journey not only tested their physical endurance but also exemplified the power of friendship, uniting them as true brothers. 

Paris, A British adventurer, media personality, boat captain, paramotor pilot, skydiver, and Padi's global ambassadiver, along with Oli, a Stockholm-based energy storage specialist driving the energy transition through the promotion of clean technologies, thrill-seeker, avid wakeboarder, mono-skier, paramotorist, and master juggler, set sail from Monterey California on 12 June.  
Like other ocean rowing races, the World's Toughest Row is an unsupported event, meaning that the rowing teams are entirely self-sufficient during the race. They must carry all the supplies they need for the duration of the journey, including food, water, safety equipment, and communication devices. They are far from land and other vessels, with minimal communication with the outside world, and this isolation can take a toll on their mental state and requires strong psychological resilience. 

During the race, the team recorded the fastest one-day time, covering 91 nautical miles in a 24-hour period, hit by storm Calvin prior to approaching Hawaii, giving them fast winds their favour, and battled temperatures that started at 8-10 degrees for the first 10 days, rising to 40 degrees in the final day. 

The team's commitment to each other's safety surpassed bravado and ego, fostering an incredibly supportive and united force. Oli and Paris have been friends since Millfield, they shared the same house at school and Paris took a younger and much smaller Oli under his wing. They remarked, "We started as friends but emerged as four brothers." This camaraderie proved invaluable as they navigated the vast expanse of the Pacific, and despite facing relentless storms, bone-chilling cold, and unpredictable rogue waves, the team displayed unwavering courage and determination. Their mission extended beyond personal achievement, as they raised funds and awareness for marine conservation in partnership with Blue Marine Conservation and supported the Invictus Games Foundation, supporting veterans through the power of sport. 


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