OMs Sam Cooke and Sam Forsey share top tips on career changes

On Thursday 20 August, the OM Society hosted its second virtual event, which focussed on career changes. We wanted to discuss this topic as the Covid19 pandemic has meant that lots of people have either been on furlough, have maybe been made redundant, or are just thinking about next steps within their career journeys. We were joined by two brilliant OMs, both whom have experienced a career change.

Our first OM guest speaker was Sam Cooke. Sam studied criminology and psychology at the University of Brighton, and after graduating he opted for a slightly different career path, first of all starting in recruitment for the financial industry, and later moving into the technology sector, where he has worked for Microsoft and he is now currently at Google.

Our second guest speaker was Sam Forsey. Sam studied a degree in Management and Spanish at Nottingham University, after travelling round South America on a gap year. As part of his degree, Sam spent a year living in Madrid. He qualified as a chartered accountant and spent 6 years working for KPMG in the audit department, before changing his career to work for the family’s funeral directing firm in Glastonbury.

Sam Cooke explained during one of his top tips that: “after a couple of months of interviewing at different places, I caught up with someone in my network who referred me for a position at Google. After a pretty intense but very rewarding interview, I got the job. I am now in a job that I love, but I would not have got it without experience from my previous job in a completely different industry”.

One of Sam Forsey’s key insights was: “if you have transferable skills, nothing is shut off for you. I transferred from the finance sector to the funeral industry! It can be done”.

There were some incredibly insightful questions throughout, attendees asked if the change was easy, what previous employers thought, how it affected confidence levels and how supportive were family and friends.

You can watch a recording of the webinar here:

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