Record number of Millfield swimmers on national talent pathways

A record number of Millfield swimmers have been selected onto a variety of national talent pathways.

33 Millfield and Millfield Prep School swimmers and four Old Millfieldians have been chosen by Swim England and British Swimming to be part of their national development programmes.

23 swimmers have been selected onto Swim England’s National Development Camp.

Congratulations to Year 8 Asta Maddox and Mila Brooke, Year 9 Eva Lawson, Maia Delin, Megs Higgs, Joshua Ulyatt, Henry Guppy, Oscar Ryland-Day, Oliver Newing, Dexter Townsend, Emilia Evans and Year 10 Annabel Chan, Bianca Gomez Velasco, Francesca Woollard, Natasha De Pree, Sienna Franklyn-Miller, Lauchlan Parrott, Zac Cooper, Adam White, Ewan Pedersen, Toby Jackson, Harrison Cox and Daniel Heath.

Eight swimmers will take part in the Swim England National Event Camp.

Congratulations to Year 10 Ivan Hart, Year 11 Lucy Buckingham, Zahra Davies, Adam Graham, Nicole De Pree and Lower Sixth Conor Cherrington, Matthew Cairns and Isabella Woollard.

Swim England’s events will provide technical skills workshops as well as pool sessions.

Year 9 boarder, Eva Lawson, said, “I was excited to be selected into the National Development Camp. The coaches here at Millfield have helped me to improve and build confidence in all strokes and enabled me to progress through the rankings whilst supporting me in balancing my other sporting and academic commitments.”

Alongside Swim England’s development programmes, British Swimming has also recruited two current students and alumni into their World Class programme for 2021-22. Upper Sixth students Evan Jones and Tamryn van Selm will join Old Millfieldians Brodie Williams (2014-2020), Kieran Bird (2016-2018), Cameron Kurle (2008-2016) and recent Tokyo double Olympic champion, James Guy (2008-2016).

Director of Swimming, Euan Dale, said, “This is our highest ever number of students we have had involved in the national talent pathways, this is testament to the work ethic and mindset shown by our students on a daily basis, it is something pretty special! A huge shoutout to all the coaches and practitioners that have been involved in the journey of the students prior, during and post their time at Millfield.”

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