Sport Round Up - March 2023

Sport Round Up - March 2023

In Athletics, Upper Sixth student Sabrina Jones was invited by British Skeleton to attend an Ice Camp in Riga, Latvia earlier this month. She was selected for the camp after attending selection camps held on the Bobsleigh track at the University of Bath Sports Training Village. The Ice Camp was part of British Bobsleigh’s selection process for the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan. Sabrina has shown excellent progress during this indoor athletics season, setting a personal best in the 60m and finishing eighth in the Welsh Junior Championships. 

On Sunday 5 March Millfield’s pole vault group took part in the annual Vault Cardiff event, where pole vaulters from around the UK come together for a pole vault only event. This year over 140 competitors took part, including Commonwealth Games representatives. 

Five students competed in total across three separate pools. The day started brightly with a new personal best for Year 11 Oscar Webb, who scaled 3.13m to finish second in his pool showing great improvement from last summer. At the same time in an adjacent pool, Lower Sixth Mayalee Osola competed for only her second time in a Pole Vault competition, jumping 2.53m. Lower Sixth Luidji Louis-Hansen went one better, clearing 2.63m. 

Whilst the Sixth Form students were competing, Year 10 Zoe Allen took part on an adjacent runway, making her Pole Vault debut, jumping 2.03m. In the final event of the day, Lower Sixth Emma Gooding jumped 2.33m for a new season's best. 

Lower Sixth Olivia Sparks produced two bronze medal performances at the Middlesex Indoor Championships in the 200m, running 26.57 (indoor PB) and the 400m, running 61.45 (PB). 

In Cross Country, 11 Millfield students represented Somerset Schools’ at the English Schools’ Cross Country Championships at Wollaton Park, Nottingham last weekend. 

With over 300 athletes in each race, the students competed well among the strongest opposition available in England. There were fantastic runs by Year 9 Jemima Davey and Year 10 Tom Webb, who both finished in the top 10% of their respective fields. The results were as follows: 

In the junior girls’, Year 9 Jemima Davey was 32nd; in the intermediate girls’, Year 10 Gemma Tolputt was 46th, Annabelle Suffield was 128th and Macey Burge was 220th; in the senior girls’ event, Upper Sixth Freya Buglass was 136th, Ruby Barker was 161st and Lower Sixth Mackenzie O’Dea was 216th; in the intermediate boys, Year 10 Tom Webb was 33rd and Cai Lewis was 94th; in the senior boys’ event, Upper Sixth Charlie Rule was 211th, while Lower Sixth Jack Harvey was 268th.

Millfield students travelled to the Saucony National Cross Country Championships at Bolesworth Castle, Chester. Year 10 Tom Webb placed 12th in the U15 boys’ race at the championships, and has produced several strong performances throughout the XC season. In the U15 girls’ competition, Year 10 Gemma Tolputt finished 59th. 

In Equestrian, on 5 March, Millfield riders competed in the SUPA Senior Schools National Arena Championships. The Millfield team of Lower Sixth Gabriela De Bellegarde Diaz-Deus, Lily Mazzotti, Year 10 Nurain Said, came second in the Novice Division. They won three out of four matches, being narrowly beaten in their final match, by the division winners, Radley. 

On 19 March, Millfield attended the National Schools Equestrian Association championship qualifier at Pontispool. The team of Upper Sixth Lily Lingford Taylor, Year 11 Sienna Franklyn Miller, Mathilda Brooks-Francis and Year 9 Mimi Woodliffe won the 1m class and have qualified for both the Hickstead Elite finals in August and the National Schools Championships at Addington in October. Mimi also qualified for the National Championships as an individual in the 1.10m class. 

On 19 March, Year 9 Isla Sully scored her first international win at the Addington Equestrian Dressage International CDI. Isla has since been selected to represent Team GB in the Nations Cup in Le Mans at both Pony and Junior level.  

During March, Millfield Equestrian hosted two inter-school show jumping fixtures with Leweston and Sidcot. This is the first time that the schools have visited Millfield. 

In Fencing, Millfield Fencing competed at the Public Schools Fencing Championships 2023. Held over the three days of 14- 16 March, students competed in all three disciplines across 3 age groups. After some fantastic performances by all involved, Millfield came away Overall Fencing Champions for a record 10th year consecutively. Millfield won an incredible 13 School Trophies at the event, including Overall Combined Best School, Senior Boys’ Foil Champion (Upper Sixth Alex Cupper), Junior Girls Champion at Arms (Evie Colyer), Mount Hayes Girls’ Champions at Arms (Year 9 Dora Ji) and Mount Hayes Girls Epee Champion (Year 9 Dora Ji). 

The results from the championships are as follows: 

In the boys’ senior Foil, Upper Sixth Alex Cupper was 1st, Umar Badroel Rizwan was 5th and Lower Sixth Isaac Searle was 61st. 
In the girls’ senior Foil, Upper Sixth Lauren Tang was 3rd, Lower Sixth Maisie Everett was 7th, Haleena Callaghan was 16th and Upper Sixth Renee Nassozi Kiggundu was 26th. 

In the girls’ junior Foil, Year 10 Evie Colyer was 8th, Ava Cooke was 17th, Year 11 Bea Kinnear was 37th, Year 10 Tamara Gomez Velasco was 44th, Sophia Leung was 46th, Maisie Searle was 49th and Jia Kapur was 52nd. 

In the boys’ junior Foil, Year 11 Aleksey Ageyev Jr was 14th, Year 10 Andéol Drion was 20th, Kaden Woname was 33rd, Year 11 Stefan Chirita was 39th, Year 10 Oliver Tomlinson was 56th, Year 11 Zac Cooper was 76th and Jamie Hague was 91st.  

In the boys’ Mount Hayes Foil, Year 9 Jem Hedgcock was 17th, Monty Price-Bailey was 47th, Bertie Weston was 48th, Sergey Pushik was 84th and Year 10 Anton Sidorov was 88th.  

In the girls’ Mount Hayes Foil, Year 9 Dora Ji was 7th, Victoria Baughan was 23rd, Year 10 Alba Escobar Barfoot was 65th and Year 9 Yashika Gupta was 77th. 

In the boys’ senior Epee, Upper Sixth Umar Badroel Rizwan was 27th while Lower Sixth Isaac Searle was 64th.   

In the girls’ senior Epee, Lower Sixth Maisie Everett was 5th, Haleena Callaghan was 8th, Upper Sixth Lauren Tang was 16th, Charlotte Barr was 33rd and Renee Nassozi Kiggundu was 41st. 

In the boys’ junior Epee, Year 11 Stefan Chirita was 7th, Year 10 Andéol Drion was 9th, Year 11 Zac Cooper was 33rd, Year 10 Oliver Tomlinson was 58th, Year 11 Aleksey Ageyev Jr was 61st, Year 10 Kaden Woname was 65th and Year 11 Jamie Hague was 105th. 

In the girls’ junior Epee, Year 11 Bea Kinnear was 8th, Year 10 Evie Colyer was 14th, Ava Cooke was 26th, Year 11 Bianca Gomez Velasco was 51st, Year 10 Maisie Searle was 59th and Tamara Gomez Velasco was 62nd. 

In the boys’ Mount Hayes Epee, Year 9 Harry Gulliver was 27th, Year 10 Anton Sidorov was 35th, Year 9 Sergey Pushik was 40th, Henry Callaghan was 56th, Monty Price-Bailey was 68th, Bertie Weston was 69th and Jem Hedgcock was 90th. 

In the girls’ Mount Hayes Epee, Year 9 Dora Ji was 1st, Victoria Baughan was 24th, Year 10 Alba Escobar Barfoot was 46th and Year 9 Yashika Gupta was 49th.  

In the boys’ senior Sabre, Lower Sixth Isaac Searle was 6th, while Upper Sixth Umar Badroel Rizwan was 14th. 

In the girls’ senior Sabre, Upper Sixth Renee Nassozi Kiggundu was 3rd, Lauren Tang was 7th, Lower Sixth Maisie Everett was 11th and Haleena Callaghan was 13th.  

In the boys’ junior Sabre, Year 11 Stefan Chirita was 16th, Year 10 Kaden Woname was 22nd, Year 11 Aleksey Ageyev Jr was 31st, Year 10 Andéol Drion was 47th, Year 11 Jamie Hague was 57th, Zac Cooper was 59th and Year 10 Oliver Tomlinson was 71st. 

In the girls’ junior Sabre, Year 10 Ava Cooke was 10th, Tamara Gomez Velasco was 11th, Evie Colyer was 13th, Maisie Searle was 15th and Year 11 Bea Kinnear was 24th. 

In the boys’ Mount Hayes Sabre, Year 10 Anton Sidorov was 3rd, Year 9 Jem Hedgcock was 9th, Monty Price-Bailey was 15th, Henry Callaghan was 20th, Bertie Weston was 29th and Sergey Pushik was 35th. 

In the girls’ Mount Hayes Sabre, Year 9 Victoria Baughan was 3rd, Dora Ji was 7th, Year 10 Alba Escobar Barfoot was 15th and Year 9 Yashika Gupta was 17th. 

Millfield fencers travelled to Rickmansworth to compete in the British School Team Championships, with 18 teams entered across all three weapons. 10 Teams came away with medals, with seven of those first place National Team Champions.  

The U18 girls’ Foil team of Upper Sixth Lauren Tang and Lower Sixth Maisie Everett and Haleena Callaghan finished first. The girls also formed the U18 team for the Epee event, and were joined by Upper Sixth Renee Nassozi Kiggundu in the Sabre event, finishing in first place in both. 

The U18 boys’ Foil team of Upper Sixth Umar Badroel Rizwan, Alex Cupper and Lower Sixth Aleksey Ageyev Jr finished in second place. 

The U18 boys’ Epee team of Lower Sixth Isaac Searle, Patrick Jackson and Year 10 Andéol Drion finished ninth. 

The U18 boys’ Sabre team of Lower Sixth Oliver Coombe, Isaac Searle and Year 10 Kaden Woname finished in fifth place. 

The U15 girls’ Foil team of Year 10 Evie Colyer, Sophia Leung and Year 9 Dora Ji finished in first place. 

The U15 girls’ Epee team of Year 10 Evie Colyer, Year 9 Dora Ji and Victoria Baughan finished in first place. 

In the U15 girls’ Sabre team of Year 10 Maisie Searle, Tamara Gomez Velasco, Ava Cooke and Year 9 Victoria Baughan finished in first place. 

In the U15 boys’ Epee team of Monty Price-Bailey, Bertie Weston and Harry Gulliver finished in sixth place. The U15 boys’ team B of Year 9 Sergey Pushik, Max Bonney and Henry Callaghan finished in 10th. 

The U15 boys’ Sabre team of Year 11 Jamie Hague, Year 10 Anton Sidorov and Year 9 Harry Gulliver finished in eighth place. 

In Football, the senior girls’ first XI lost in the ISFA and ESFA National Cup Competitions semi-finals.

The senior boys’ lost on penalties in the ESFA Super Cup semi-final. 

The senior boys’ second team have reached the County Cup final. 

Junior teams played against Plymouth and Oxford academies and achieved some positive results. 

Upper Sixth Ted Gibbs and Charlie Binns were presented with their ISFA caps.

The U16 girls’ team and U14 girls' team have both reached the County Cup final.

The U15 and U14 boys’ teams have both reached the County Cup final. 

Year 10 Jacob Jackson has received a call up to the Aotearoa New Zealand Maori U18 for a tournament over Easter.

In Golf, the Millfield team competed in the Somerset Schools Championships at Weston Golf Club. Upper Sixth Freddie Turnell was boys champion with a -5 gross score of 65. Upper Sixth Harriet Lockley was girls champion with a level par gross 72. Upper Sixth James Champion, Year 11 Samuel Hughes and Year 9 Charles Wright were net team winners with 204. Upper Sixth Freddie Turnell, Harriet Lockley and Lower Sixth Maddy Beeching were gross team winners with 219. 

Upper Sixth Harriet Lockley won the Comboy Scratch at Delamere Golf Club with a credible score of -1 for the 36 holes. 

The HMC Team of Upper Sixth Freddie Turnell, Harriet Lockley, Josh Izod, Lower Sixth Dylan John (L6), Year 11 Thomas Richardson and William Welsh won their third round match v Sherborne 3-0. 

In Hockey, Lower Sixth Monica Watkins (U18) and Year 10 Lilly May Holmes (U16) have been selected for England Hockey camps over Easter. 

In Netball, the girls’ first team reached the finals of the Independent Schools National Cup, where they were crowned champions for the second year running.

The girls’ first team and U14A squad both competed in the National Schools Netball Tournament on the 11-12 March. Both had fantastic tournaments, with the first team finishing third, meaning that they are now ranked third in the country. 

The girls’ second team reached the finals of the Sisters in Sport National Shield competition, where they took a convincing win and were crowned champions of this cup. They were the only second team in the finals, which is a fantastic achievement. 

The U15A girls’ team won the County Cup Competition on goal average. 

Lower Sixth student Sarah Long represented the Isle of Man at the Netball Europe competition which took place in Belfast from the 24-26 of February, claiming a silver medal. 

In Modern Pentathlon, on 11-12 March, Millfield attended the British National Schools' Biathlon Championships at Abbey Stadium in Redditch. Many individuals came away with PBs and for some it was their first National Finals representing Millfield. There were also many individual and team medals won, with the growing multi-sport squad showing great support to each other throughout the event. 

In the Year 9 girls’ event, Amelie Wilson was 12th, while Alba Escobar-Barfoot was 34th. In the Year 9 boys’ event, Charles Robinson was 29th.  

In the Year 10 girls’ event, Annabelle Suffield was 6th, Macey Burge was 7th and Emilia Evans was 18th. The three girls also claimed overall team second. In the Year 10 boys’ event, Oliver Tomlinson was 10th, while Cai Lewis was 12th. 

In the Year 11 boys’ event, Stefan Chirita was 7th. 

In the Year 12/13 girls’ event, Upper Sixth Ruby Barker was third, while Lower Sixth Melissa McCusker was 12th. In the Year 12/13 boys’ event, Lower Sixth Gerard McGrady was 10th. 

Millfield attended the local open Laser Run, Triathlon and Tetrathlon competition at Leweston School on 19 March.

In the U17 girls’ laser run, Year 10 Annabelle Suffield was 8th, Year 11 Bianca Gomez Velasco was 10th and Year 9 Ruby Wetherill was 13th. The team finished as overall team 3rd. In the U17 triathlon event, Annabelle was 8th, Bianca 10th and Ruby 11th. In the tetrathlon, Bianca finished in 7th. 

Year 11 Zac Cooper finished in 3rd of the U17 boys’ triathlon and tetrathlon events, and finished in 8th in the U17 boys’ laser run. 

Year 11 Bea Kinnear finished in third in the U19 girls’ laser run, triathlon and tetrathlon. 

In Rowing, Millfield rowers competed for the first time at the National Junior Indoor Rowing championships at the Copperbox Arena, London on 3 March 2023.  

Upper Sixth Chichi Okafor won individual bronze in the Y13 girls’ event.  

The senior girls’ relay team of Upper Sixth Isabella Woollard, Chichi Okafor, Lower Sixth Liliana Hughes, Rosie Hargrave, Lucy Buckingham, Phoebe Armes and Year 9 Zara Barnett won bronze medals in this event. 

In Rugby, students have represented their countries at U18 international level, including Ieuan Davies and George Timmins for England and Steffan Emanuel and Ioan Emanuel for Wales. Ieuan and Steffan had the opportunity to play against each other as Wales U18 took on England U18 on Sunday 26 March.

Lote Raikabula, a former New Zealand rugby sevens player, visited the school to share his expertise with the students.

The U14 boys’ team has had success in various tournaments, including the Dean Close 7s and the West of England competition. They also made it through to the second day of the prestigious Rosslyn Park 7s.

The U18 girls’ team made it through to the semi-finals of the Rosslyn Park 7s, which is a significant achievement considering it is only the second year of the girl’s program. 

The school's rugby teams have had success on international trips, with the Ireland U15 trip being a standout example.

In Squash, Upper Sixth Amelie Haworth finished 4th in the U19 girls’ event and Year 9 Jonty Godfrey finished 15th in the U15 boys’ event at the English Junior Championships. 

The U15 team of Year 9 Shunsaku Kariyazono, Jonty Godfrey, René Mattinson, Charles Wright and Prep School pupil Rayaan Vaziralli finished in second place at the U15 National Schools Final. 
The U19 team of Upper Sixth Amelie Haworth, James Gray, Lower Sixth Ayaan Vaziralli, Year 11 Soha Khatri and Year 9 Shunsaku Kariyazono finished in third place at the National Schools Finals.  

The Development team of Upper Sixth Charles Bratton, Jed Bertola, Rayyan Baig, Harry Friel, Lower Sixth Seb Turner and Year 10 Andéol Drion took part in a fixture against Sherborne 1st U19 team, with all the matches finishing with very close scorelines. 

In Ski Racing, Year 11 Katie Saunders won all three events at the English Championships in Bormio and was overall English champion for the second year running. She won the Slalom, Giant Slalom and the Super G against the best skiers in Britain. Katie is hoping to compete at La Scara for GB in April. La Scara is one of the most prestigious international races of the year in Val d’Isere.

Upper Sixth George Black represented team Great Britain at the Youth Olympics in Friuli Venezia Giulia region of North East Italy. Read the full story here. 

In Swimming, the Millfield Swim team won the National Arena Swimming League Team Finals for the first time in six years, edging out Guildford City by four points.

In Tennis, Upper Sixth students Francesca Davis and Calum Jessett were invited to represent the Independent Schools Tennis Association in their annual fixture against the All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon. They got the chance to play on the iconic Wimbledon grounds and enjoy a full day of hospitality in the famous clubhouse that hosts the greats of tennis every year during The Championships.

In Trampolining, Year 9 Brychan James and Noah Chambers were part of Year 7-9 Boys Intermediate team who won their event at the National Finals. 

In Triathlon, Upper Sixth Caley Jasmine Caley has been awarded a scholarship for the University of Arizona, which is a Division 1 NCAA programme.

Year 10 Erin Pritchard won the 16-19 category in the Bahamas Potcakeman Triathlon. 

On Saturday 1 – Sunday 2 April, Millfield students will be travelling to Loughborough for the first Super Series race of the year. The race is a performance assessment, and will feature all the best triathletes in the country coming together to race for the first time this season. The Millfield students taking part are as follows: Upper Sixth Ruby Barker, Jasmine Caley, Elliot Gladwell, Charlie Rule, Lower Sixth Rory Forbes, Year 11 Jamie Bedford, Year 10 Tom Webb and Dexter Townsend. 

In Water Polo, Millfield’s Water Polo team won the ESSA (English Schools Swimming Association) Water Polo Bowl competition. Read the full story here. 

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