Three Generations work at Millfield over 50 years

Three Generations work at Millfield over 50 years

The Crispin family have had three generations work at Millfield, spanning over 50 years.

Roger Adams (87) and Georgie Crispin (58) worked as language teachers at Millfield, whilst Maddy Crispin (21) recently took on the role of Millfield Prep School’s librarian.

Roger was the first of the family to have a career in the education sector, after he took the National Service Course. Roger said: “I changed from Classics to Russian at Oxford; so when I decided I'd like to teach, Russian was my subject.”

Roger worked at Millfield under the founder, Boss Meyer. Recalling his time working for him, Roger said: “Boss (Meyer) was the source of most of the chaos, but also a man of vision and originality, both inspiring and infuriating.”

He added, “I keep in touch with colleagues and pupils who remain friends, and still enjoy the marvellous music.”

Music was an interest of Roger, and he had an influence on the way the music is structured at Millfield today. “I take pride in having helped improve the music and religious life, and in having run the university entrance advice effectively.”

Whilst Roger was teaching, Georgie visited Millfield for the first time when she was two-years old. She was a pupil at both Millfield Prep and Millfield, and now Georgie works within the language department teaching Latin to Prep pupils.

“I’ve loved teaching at Millfield, first as a full-time languages teacher, then as Head of Languages, before moving to part-time teaching a few years ago.”

She added, “Having both parents as teachers meant that teaching always seemed like a good option as a career. I would really recommend retraining as a teacher later in life; it’s a fabulous challenge, and has allowed our family to stay together as much as possible.

“Many parts of the school still look and smell exactly the same as when I was a pupil, and it always brings happy memories back when I go to events, concerts, plays and meet colleagues.”

Georgie’s daughter Maddy worked in the library, having previously been a pupil at Millfield. “It’s been great having Maddy here at MPS with me for the year and she has made a great success of her time here.”

Georgie expressed, “essentially Millfield is one big family. From being the daughter of a member of staff to being a pupil, then later a parent and finally a member of staff myself, has been a fantastic way to see the school from all possible perspectives.”

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